What are some must-have stocking stuffers for babies? It can be so hard to find the perfect baby gift when you’re on the hunt, but when it comes to stocking stuffers, your options are endless! There are tons of small items that parents love getting in their stockings, and these five are among the best.


The pacifier is a great stocking stuffer for your baby’s first Christmas because it’s something he or she will be able to use for a couple of years. We’ve all heard that having a binky helps babies sleep better, but some parents worry that giving a child a pacifier will make it harder to wean later on. A study published in Pediatrics found no difference in long-term breastfeeding outcomes between children who were given pacifiers and those who weren’t. That means you can feel free to buy your little one a new dummy for every holiday from now on. Plus, there are lots of cute options available such as these Babeehive’s silicone pacifiers.

Pacifier clips

Pacifier clips have come a long way from being a simple ribbon tied around a binky. These days, pacifier clips look more like jewelry than toy clips, and you can find pacifier clips in just about any color or style imaginable. Pacifier clips are also an infant gift idea that is sure to be appreciated by new parents—and babies will likely enjoy getting to wear something other than their binky every once in a while too! Whatever your thoughts on pacifiers, there’s no denying that most babies quickly become attached to them. Add a Spunky Stork onesie for a cute outfit idea to use with the pacifier clip.  

Pacifier Wipes

Babies can get sick. They can cough, sneeze, or drool all over their pacifiers (which then get put back in their mouths). Most parents understand to make sure these contaminated pacifiers are properly sanitized before they’re used again, but you might be surprised to learn that germs like staphylococcus and streptococcus (both of which cause rashes) can live on plastic surfaces for up to 24 hours after exposure. Sanitizing wipes are an inexpensive way to keep baby clean and safe. Pick up a pack of wipes specifically designed for pacifiers at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

Swaddle blankets

One of baby’s first Christmas gifts is usually a set of swaddle blankets. If you’re lucky, your little one will still be sleeping in a swaddle with arms free until around three months, but some babies can break out of their swaddles much earlier than that. The two benefits of swaddling are that it calms your baby (and you) and it helps baby sleep longer stretches at night. Swaddle blankets need to be big enough to wrap all of your baby’s body except for his feet.

Teething rings

Babies love teething rings because they’re lightweight and don’t slip around like most other toys. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, which babies love to touch and play with. Teething rings are easy to grasp for small hands (and gums) too. If you opt for any of these options make sure to choose one that’s BPA-free. The last thing you want is toxic chemicals coming into contact with your infant’s gums and mouth.

The holiday season can be a hectic time of year, but putting in a little bit of extra effort to make sure you have all your bases covered can ensure that your baby’s first Christmas is one for the record books. And whether you’re buying for a tiny newborn or an older child, some essentials will be appreciated by anyone who wants to help celebrate with your little one.