Reed diffusers are a popular modern choice for freshening and scenting the air in your home and for their potential to act as calming or alertness-improving tools. Here are five facts about reed diffusers.

1. They Last For A Long Time

One of the reasons a reed diffuser can be such a useful and easy air freshener to incorporate into your home is because it can last for a long time. Typically, as long as a diffuser is of good quality and properly maintained, it should last between one and four months before a replacement or refill is required. The exact length of time will depend on the materials used and the size of the diffuser. This feature allows for less frequent maintenance and lower replacement and refill costs.

2. They Typically Diffuse Essential Oils

The most common product used to fill reed diffusers is essential oil. These oils can be easily dispersed into the air of a room through the reeds of the diffuser and permeate the room with fragrant aromas. Many people use diffusers because of the purported health benefits of essential oils, such as their energizing and calming properties. Others simply enjoy the variety of essential oils and scents available. You can find scents as diverse as eucalyptus, lemon and rose.

3. Certain Materials Work Better Than Others

While the materials required are simple: a bottle, a liquid fragrance source and wooden sticks or reeds, the type of each material will affect how well the diffuser works. Make sure you use relatively porous sticks or reeds, as they’ll allow the liquid to diffuse more quickly and evenly through the air.

4. They Can Help Relieve Anxiety And Insomnia

Reed diffusers are said to be helpful tools to incorporate into calming routines and activities. Because many of them diffuse essential oils into the air of the home, they can use specific oils and scents that have calming effects on the body and mind, such as lavender. These scents can be incorporated into a yoga or meditation practice. The diffuser can also be set up in the bedroom to assist in relaxing and falling asleep.

5. They’re Simple To Set Up And Use

Setup and maintenance are simple, but you must maintain the diffuser adequately and at recommended times to ensure optimal operation. Typically, all you need to do to set up a reed diffuser is make sure the glass bottle is clean, pour your oil into the bottle and make sure the reeds sit in the oil at a variety of angles. To maintain it, flip the reeds over twice a week to ensure the reeds stay moist and stir the oil once a week to keep it from settling. You should also replace the oil whenever it runs dry and the reeds monthly.

A reed diffuser can be an attractive, low maintenance and easy to use and maintain way of freshening the air in your home. You can purchase and use one no matter how familiar you are with diffusers and air fresheners.