Keeping your home up-to-date is part functional and part style. If you’re not thrilled with the look of your interior design, it makes it difficult to sit back and relax in the comforts of your living space.

Some people do complete decor overhauls every year or two. Most of us don’t have the budget to go to that extreme, but the idea is still good. 

By keeping your home decor looking fresh, you get to reap the physical and mental benefits. 

A room that pleases you is easier to rest in, reducing your stress levels. Ultimately, the long-term results of less stress include fewer headaches, better blood pressure, and improved mental health.

But just because you haven’t changed your decor in a while doesn’t mean you need to revamp your home’s style. If it makes you happy, there’s no need to change it. 

So how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your decor? Look for these signs that your current style isn’t working anymore.

1. Your Tastes Have Changed

Let’s face it. Things we loved in the past aren’t always the things we still want to surround ourselves with as we mature.

Over time, our tastes change. The unicorns, superheroes, and other favorites of our childhood are put away in favor of more “mature” decor. But this evolution of our style continues as adults.

When you first decorate your living room, maybe you loved bright, bold colors. Your decor is full of abstract art and random loud colors. Now, you prefer neutrals, or at least, less impactful hues. 

If that sounds familiar, it’s time to update your decor. Don’t worry about the time and money you spent on your current style. 

Slowly swap out what you can, add an area rug, and make minor changes. Keep this up gradually until you have a new home you enjoy. 

2. Your Furniture is in Disrepair

Are you holding onto your furniture because you’ve had it so long, you can’t imagine getting rid of it? If so, it could be time to upgrade anyway.

“Old” furniture falls into two categories: antique/vintage or junk. There’s a distinct difference between the two labels.

Antique and vintage furniture is in good shape. It has strong bones that may need to be polished or reupholstered occasionally, but in general, it will support anything or anyone that sits on it.

Old furniture, on the other hand, is in danger of falling apart. It has normal wear and tear, but the skeleton isn’t strong enough to handle much more use. 

It’s time to replace your “old” furniture with something more sturdy and functional when the upholstery or frame can’t be fixed cheaply or easily. The money you’d spend trying to hold onto it could go toward something new.

3. It Irritates You to Look at It

Your decor really can annoy you. For example, you still love the rustic look, but what’s currently surrounding you is hard to keep clean. You’re always dusting or dealing with floating dust mites and allergies.

It’s possible to keep the same style but update the decor to something that isn’t such a dust collector. 

Accessories in the home that are more annoying than relaxing need to go. Even if it’s tossing out a throw pillow that’s always in the way, that one minor change can reduce your stress levels. 

Anything that doesn’t make you feel peaceful, content, or happy doesn’t belong in your home.

4. You’ve Outgrown the Area

As you live in your home, you’ll continue to add to it—a little knickknack here, a framed picture there. Eventually, instead of decor, it becomes clutter.

This is especially common when your family grows larger. Each person brings their own items into the home, and all of it adds up.

Quick Solutions to a Decor Overload

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move into a larger house. A decor upgrade can solve the problem.

Too many pictures? Buy a digital frame that displays hundreds of photos as a slideshow instead.

An overload of memorabilia? Install a few shelves on an empty wall and display your favorite pieces. Keep the rest stored away in a safe place until you have more room.

Not enough storage? Upgrade your end tables to some with extra drawers, or get a few decorative baskets to hide the clutter.

Don’t let an abundance of “stuff” stress you out. If these fixes don’t help, a thorough decluttering is always an option!


Is it time for a design overhaul or a few strategic adjustments? Your physical and mental wellbeing rely on how satisfied you are with your home, so don’t overlook the importance of the interior decor in each room.

Whether your tastes have changed, your stuff is falling apart, or you’re just not happy, a decor fix can be an easy solution.