If you are tired of the delivery services in NYC that are not adequate, then the package storage facility got your back. It is a network of reliable shops and storage units that provide the best package storage services to the customers.  The network of shops and storage units will collect your online deliveries with complete care at their locations, which you can pick up afterward without haste. 

Amidst the COVID pandemic, the cases of misplaced or stolen delivery items increased. 

We all know stolen-delivered packages from the front door, missing deliveries that are important for you are disappointing. Based on that, package storage services came up with a facility that will prevent misplacements of online orders.  Choose the option of a package storage facility and get your stuff delivered to your desired storage location when you are not at home. 

Moreover, it is hassle-free, convenient, and easy. No need to wait in a long line at post offices, just collect the deliveries at your suitable time. The services take security and the safety of your package deliveries very sincerely. 

The importance of package storage:

At this time, people love buying everything online. The variety of products, attractive deals, and getting all the items delivered to the doorsteps made online shopping well-known.

In this field Amazon, FedEx are some of the popular business companies. But still, people raised complaints against the delivery service of these companies. The study showed that 43 to 64% of Americans faced the problem of Package stolen delivered items from their front door. 

Many people stated that they can’t stay back all the time for collecting the deliveries, so naturally, when the delivery occurs in their absence the package gets misplaced. In these cases, package storage helps a lot. The package storage facility prevents all the delivery-related issues like missed packages, missed deliveries. They provide extra security from theft. 

Now we will discuss how package storage services function:

Many storage services have collaborated with local shops and businesses to help them with extra income; in exchange for utilizing their store’s unused space as a delivery point. The delivery point could be anywhere. It could be a coffee shop or bookshop near your locality, or it could be a grocery shop or a storage unit.  

You may wonder whether it is safe or not to choose these shipping addresses, but don’t worry because all of the delivery location partners are trained to handle the deliverable items carefully and professionally. 

Some of the package storage Facilities are:

  • Amazon locker
  • Stofy
  • Swap box
  • Doorman
  • Parcel

Stofy: Offers an excellent opportunity for people to easily store their belongings. They can subscribe and use the locker for as long as they like and then unsubscribe. The lockers are very convenient. 

Amazon locker:- If you love shopping from Amazon, then you can use Amazon lockers to store your deliveries. The items can be kept on the lockers for three consecutive days. Unique security pick-up code will be provided to the customers, with that they have to collect their orders. 

Swap-box:- Through the swap box package storage facility, customers can ship their orders to their storage addresses and collect the delivered online orders with a security pin code from them.   

Doorman:- The package storage system helps customers ship the ordered items to their addresses with security. They receive the delivery for you. They will send customers notifications regarding the order after they collect it. Then people can schedule a home delivery according to their time. The doorman system is available 7 days a week between 6 pm to midnight. 

Parcel:- People can have their packages delivered to a unique Parcel address. Parcel receives the delivery packages and has them delivered the very same day in the evening. Customers can choose from the 7 pm -11 pm slot for the delivery. The parcel keeps your packages for up to 30 days.

Why choose a Package storage facility?

Package storage services are the integrated solution for all your delivery-related complications. Their services have many satisfied customers.

The advantageous factors of their services are: 

Affordable Cost

The services are affordable and cost-effective. They provide services in the desired locations of the customers within the budget of the customers. Whether you need to store less or more, the services will adjust the plan accordingly.  

Convenient Locations

Package Storage facilities in NYC have countless locations for people to choose from. People can choose the most convenient location of delivery for themselves. 

Limitations of size

There is flexibility in package storage. People can order one thing or too many things at once without any doubt. Just they have to choose the cost plans of the service providers for each order. 


The best part about the storage facilities is, customers can pick their order, whenever they want.   

Safety and Security

The storage facilities are aware of the fact that the security and safety of your packages are important. That’s why the storage locations are verified properly by their professional team. Customers can trust them without any doubt.  


An insurance cover for every booking is provided to the customers for their security and trust. 

The customer will receive a notification when their package reaches the location, and they collect it whenever possible. All the packages can be kept at the Storage location for about 30 days. While coming to collect the package, things like a valid photo ID, the order confirmation should be carried.   


Package storage facilities are increasing day by day for the ongoing demands. Stowfly has understood the demand curve and came up with all the innovative ideas for the customers. As people can choose their desired purchase plan, they can also cancel the subscription whenever they want. They do not charge anything for the cancellation. Package storage in NYC got easier for anybody just like that. The unlimited storage option provides flexibility to people so that they can buy things online without any thought. Many package storage services have the option of delivery. You don’t have to go and pick up the order. They will deliver it to your address when it will be easy for you to receive.   

Choosing a package storage service could be the best thing ever.