Choose a durable and strong leaf rake to do a series of gardening and landscape tasks.

Classic leaf rakes have a triangular fan-shaped head with a long metal handle. The head has many tines, is designed to scrape leaves and other debris on the lawn, around trees and shrubs, and on flower beds.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Leaf Rakes

Although leaf rakes have similiar usages, their weight, length, material and quality may be various. The best leaf rake allows users comfortably grab the handle, at the meantime rake leaves repeatedly. Another factors includes the tines’ sturdiness and flexibility, if the length of handle is adjustable and heavier or lighter rakes.


Leaf rake is different with garden rake. The latter has a hard wide head and short steel teeth at right angles to the handle. Garden rakes can break up soil clods and clean lawn. Leaf rakes are not suitable to do that work.

Standard leaf rake has wide fan-shaped head attached with long and slightly flexible tines. Wide fan head covers larger areas and rake leaves rapidly. Head connects with a long handle, which save users’ back.

Scoop leaf rakes come in two styles: single-headed and double-headed. The single-headed scoop rake resembles a standard leaf rake, but the fan-shaped head folds inward via a twist or pull-type mechanism on the handle. This allows the user to rake, then grab leaves, and lift them to a bag or compost pile. The double-headed style is not designed for raking but for lifting the leaves. It features two opposing scoop heads that open and close to grab and lift the leaves.

Hand leaf scoops usually have two independent curved rake plates-one for each hand. The user grabs the dried leaves with the leaf scoop and lifts them into a garden bag or leaf dustpan.