With traveling returning to some semblance of normality in the face of a worldwide pandemic, many people are venturing away from home, traveling for business or pleasure. However, Covid-19 remains a reality, and people cannot afford to become complacent as a laid-back attitude toward the virus could trigger another wave of infections. This pandemic is by no means over, and while people are eager to travel again, they must do so with caution.

Here is some travel advice for anyone planning to visit London from within the United Kingdom or from a foreign destination.

Get Covid testing

Anyone entering the UK must produce a negative Covid test no older than three days, regardless of their vaccination status, where they are traveling from, or what citizenship they hold. Therefore, a vaccinated UK citizen returning there after visiting a designated green or safe country or territory requires a negative Covid test.

Similar rules apply in most countries, and those leaving the UK can seek a private COVID test in London from many private concierge medical services. These testing services send registered nurses to your home, hotel, or accommodation to conduct an on-site Covid test. 

The three Covid tests UK authorities accept are:

  • PCR
  • LAMP
  • Antigen

Results must come from a registered laboratory. Anyone presenting results from a test that does not meet the UK’s requirements will be denied access to the country. The test results page must include the traveler’s full name, date of birth, results, date of testing, test type, and contact details of the service provider.

Exploring London

London is open for business for travelers within the UK or from countries the authorities deem safe. All countries have a designated traffic light color code that indicates their Covid status. For example, any country on the red list means that travelers from that country may not enter the UK.

Once you are in London, exploring the city is easy using its efficient public transportation system of trains, buses, and taxis. However, travelers must comply with current regulations that might include mandatory mask-wearing while using public transportation. Restrictions on how many people may board buses and trains may apply and will be posted for visitors to see.

Activities in London

Most entertainment activities in London are open again, including theaters, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, and museums. However, visitors should check ahead regarding any regulations these establishments require, including occupancy restrictions and mandatory mask-wearing. While there are no longer limits on how many people may gather indoors, some establishments are cautious to avoid overcrowding.

Mask-wearing is no longer mandatory in England, whether people gather indoors or outdoors. However, this has not stopped some institutions from advising visitors to wear a face covering. The UK’s current approach is based on personal judgment, although mask-wearing is recommended for crowded indoor spaces where you come into contact with strangers.

Ever-changing circumstances mean that it’s possible for masks and other restrictions to become mandatory again, so be sure to check the current status before you leave home.

Enjoying London

Many activities, shows, and exhibitions in London have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19. Pre-booking is essential for most continuing events, and vendors will keep you advised of current regulations via email or text before your arrival.

Part of London’s pandemic strategy requires people to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. Therefore, visitors should always check ahead before going somewhere to establish that their destination is open and what Covid regulations are in place. In addition to taking necessary precautions, you may also wish for a no-hassle fun experience. We suggest you look fora luggage storage London service to keep yourself free from carrying everything you own around during your trip.

Exercise caution and judgment

While it is impossible to avoid contact with others while you visit London, authorities recommend that you minimize it whenever possible. This includes using public transportation at less busy times, such as avoiding the morning or evening rush. People should evaluate a situation before entering to determine if it poses a risk of Covid to them. If this is the case, they should avoid it.

While mask-wearing is not mandatory, visitors must carry a face covering with them in case it becomes necessary. All public areas, including hotels, shops, and other activity venues, must supply hand sanitizing stations. Visitors should use these and carry hand sanitizer with them for occasions when they need it but cannot access a sanitizing station.