Healing crystals, also referred to as gemstones, are the main natural stones used in crystal healing. It is a form of holistic healing that leans towards spiritual energy. One pertinent question here is how to use crystals in your life. The sky’s the limit with crystals, and you can use it however you feel like it. One popular method is making healing jewelry out of your chosen crystal/s to ensure you can keep them close to you. They are used as conduits that allow positive energy to flow around you and at the same time keep negative energy at bay. There are many ways to select healing stones, and the following points will serve as a starting point to help you in the selection process.

Notice if you have a physical reaction to any stones 

Many reiki experts seem to go by this mantra when buying healing crystals. Take your non-dominant hand and pass it over the crystals. At that moment, observe whether you feel a subtle ‘tug’ from one of the stones.

Experiment with stones having different properties

To choose a crystal for your healing jewelry, ask yourself what body part or area in your life you want to heal and improve, respectively. There are seven chakras in our body, and particular stones work best with a particular chakra in the body. For example, you are suffering from lower belly pain, and due to this, you aren’t able to work well in your work; when you go into the shop, ask them the best stone that can work well with a second chakra and put that stone on the low belly to feel its effect for a brief moment.

Zodiac sign

Choosing a crystal based on your astrology sign is one of the easiest methods that doesn’t involve brainstorming. Each sign has different character traits, and selecting a stone that matches your sign will help work on those traits.


When you visit any shop to pick your healing jewelry, please take a few deep breaths and select what you are drawn to by first instinct; sense its energy and feel it resonates with you.

Research on your own

Go through the internet and research on your own about the various healing and spiritual qualities of stones. For example, Rose Quartz is the stone you should go for if you seek help with love. However, this method of researching shouldn’t be followed too blindly as you might be incapable of digging deep to know what issues you need help with. Combine your research with consultation with your friend and professionals that will help you narrow down your choice for healing crystals

Still, confused? Choose one that looks attractive

Pick visually beautiful stones or crystals even if you are not sure whether you understand the whole chakra and intuition thing. It is one of the simplest methods to incorporate healing crystals in your life and examine their effects. Experts say even if chosen because of attractiveness or color, there is still an underlying current of energy as to why you have selected a particular stone.

If you are looking to bring a certain thing into your life, look for a crystal that has been associated with that particular energy. For example, Amethyst has a calming and relaxing vibe about it which can help those people who are not able to tune in with their inner self; Citrine is considered as the uplifting stone which helps people to cut through the negativity, same way there are other stones which have different properties that can help you bring things into fruition. However, remember crystals won’t magically bring anything into being but should be used to support and remind you of your intentions.