Have you ever wondered why Korean pop culture is synonymous with beauty? Well, the answer is simple. Koreans are known to take very good care of their skin. The pore-less, spotless, well-hydrated, and moisturized skin is a product of proper skin care routines. You can do the same to your skin as well. Here are proven hacks that you can follow and get that smooth skin you are craving for:

Steam your face

Steaming is one of the traditional remedies that have been in place for a long time in Korea. It is a useful beauty hack that helps in getting that radiant, flawless and glowing skin. Steaming will unclog all your pores, leaving you with clean, healthy skin that will glow from within. Besides, steaming will help in cleansing your skin to give it a clean and fresh look.

Carry out regular facial exercises

Facial exercises are important for the health of your skin. They have long been known to come in handy when replenishing the oxygen supply in the muscles and the skin. Facial massages will help promote blood circulation to different parts of the face. This will help keep your skin healthy without blemishes.

Consider charcoal skincare

Activated charcoal has an array of uses and benefits to the skin. It has become a widely accepted ingredient in preparing skin for treatment. A charcoal mask is crucial in drawing bacteria and impurities from your skin. It will help absorb toxins that could be irritating to your skin. Besides, using charcoal on your skin will help you improve your acne. If you are struggling with acne, this can help. Getting a charcoal remedy will help remove any lesions and redness or swelling on the skin and kill all the bacteria.

Sleeping Mask

These ones work in pretty much the same way as night creams but far more effectively. The popular Korean sleeping mask is an excellent remedy against dryness and patches. You can use this regimen twice a week for glowing skin!

Exfoliate the old skin

However much you work hard to achieve clear skin, it is difficult to do so if you are applying oil and other essentials on dead skin. Exfoliation is an important skin care routine that will eradicate any dead skin on particles on your skin and change your life. You can use a face cloth with warm water to exfoliate effectively. After exfoliation, you are free to apply serum and moisturizer to realize smoother skin.

Double cleanse your face

Double cleansing is pretty straightforward. You should clean your skin and use the appropriate detergents and clean water for the face. For starters, remove all the makeup on your face. Using an oil-based cleanser will help in removing all the oil from your face. Double that up with a water-based cleanser. It helps in deeply cleansing your skin, leaving pores unclogged and skin glowing.

Consider using essences

Applying essence on your skin after double cleansing is a sure way to smoothen it. Essences come in diverse nature, and you need to find out which is useful to your skin. When you use essence, you will surely tell a more hydrated one. It will help hydrate and keep your skin healthy!

Wrapping up

Our quick guide has looked into the Korean practices that are generating a buzz in the realm of beauty. Find the best fit for you and try them out!