Halloween is around the corner. It’s time to prepare ourselves for the haunted season with spooky costumes, ghoulish decorations, and tons of hauntingly delicious snacks. Maybe you want to throw a Halloween party with your friends or for your kids and family.

If you want to go for an even more genuine Halloween adventure, you can opt for a ghost tour in the United States.

Authentic Halloween Fun

US Ghost Adventures is the perfect choice for booking your ghost tours. They offer people from all over the world private and group tours with professional tour guides that will explain the mysteries of the different hauntings in your chosen tour site. They have tour guides in cities like Charleston, SC, Alexandria, VA, and Savannah, GA. Each of their tour guides is equipped with expertise on ghosts and history so you can have an authentically haunted experience.

Haunted Houses

At US Ghost Adventures, you can visit haunted houses that have a past history of hauntings and unfortunate events. For example in New Orleans, LA, you can visit the French Quarter’s most haunted mansions like LaLaurie Mansion. You’ll learn about true and terrifying stories of voodoo, murders, and pirates. You can enjoy these ghost tours during the day, at night, and even under the rain.


Other famous destinations for ghost tours are cemeteries. US Ghost Adventures will take you to different haunted sites including cemeteries that have a dark and spooky past. For instance, if you’re on the Honolulu, HI tour, you’ll be able to experience how ancient civilizations fought on sacred grounds and how the paradisiacal island was once ridden with suffering, crimes, and diseases.

You will also be told stories about red-eyed creatures that roam the island as well as ghosts of once kings and queens that died in bloody battles. Many of the deceased were buried in shared plots with nameless headstones, and when disturbed, they become restless. These ghost-filled adventures will make your skin crawl.

Private Tours

Whether you’re looking for an exclusive and fun adventure by yourself or with your family, US Ghost Adventures has the perfect, private tours for you and your loved ones. In a private ghost tour in Salem, MA, you will experience unforgettable hauntings from first-hand experienced tour guides. You will also be indulged in the history of the Salem Witch Trials that ended in 1963 but haunts the city to this day. You will be taken to famous haunted sites like Ropes Mansion, the Salem Inn, and Salem’s infamous Old Town Hall, where you can catch a reenactment of the witch trials.

Group Tours

Additionally, you can experience these grim and haunting ghost tours in a group with strangers that have the same thirst for the most authentic ghost tours of the United States. You can be witness to honest accounts of the hauntings that took place in different cities of the U.S. such as Gatlinburg, TN. You can become friends with ghost enthusiasts in Gatlinburg as you make your way down the eerie streets of this ancient Celtic town in the Smoky Mountains. You’ll learn about its bone-chilling past that’s filled with cannibalism and witchcraft.


If you’re a fur-parent and want to take your buddy to enjoy a ghost tour, you can do so as long as they are well-behaved and don’t interfere with the tour itself.

Virtual Tours

US Ghost Adventures also offer live virtual tours of haunted sites that are perfect for anyone looking to stay home through the spooky season. You will be assigned a virtual tour guide to take you on spine-tingling adventures from the comfort of your home. This is great for Halloween parties or even a spooky date.

On-Demand Video Tours

Lastly, US Ghost Adventures offers an on-demand video tour service called GhostFlix so you can watch past live events on your own time.