A lot of people like to engage with fantasy because it can be an escape from reality. But sometimes, keeping things in perspective can be challenging, and not letting fantasies go too far.

From ready-to-go styles that can be purchased to pieces that require a little creativity and sewing, here are five fun Halloween costume ideas inspired by mythology.

The Unicorn

While we all love a good costume that clings to the body and has many skeletons or red devils, Halloween costumes can be incredibly seductive if you know how to spice them up. Whether a petticoat or an ultra-glam bodycon dress, you can take your costume to the next level with a few easy tweaks.

For instance, you can turn a unicorn into a super-glam costume by hot-gluing pink self-adhesive eyelashes to the top of the head hood. Alternatively, you could wear it with white fishnets and a candy-colored wig for a look that’s totally to die for.

The Greek Goddess

Forget cats, witches, and skeletons, costumes inspired by mythology are all the rage. Ancient Greek mythology has plenty of creative inspiration for Halloween costumes, from majestic beasts to beautiful goddesses.

Figures like Hercules, the Nemean Lion, and the Gorgon Medusa are easily recognizable, making them an excellent option for an impressive costume. Even the mighty Zeus on Mount Olympus would impress a crowd when he is suitably adorned.

For a more straightforward costume, try dressing as a god or goddess. A bed sheet draped toga style is an easy way to start, and you can add props like a shield or a sword. Look for items traditionally linked to your chosen character and shop sexy Halloween costumes at Yandy.

The Pegasus

A winged horse that flies, Pegasus is the favored mount of Zeus and has inspired countless artists, musicians, and writers. This white stallion with dazzling wings is the perfect fantasy costume for Halloween.

A lioness is one of the most flexible costumes for your Halloween look if you want to go all-natural. Just use some body glitter to add a sparkly effect.

A troll is another excellent option for big hair, and it’s pretty easy to pull off. Just a simple top and pants will do. You might need some devil horns, though. This outfit is more revealing than your bed-sheet ghost, but we think it’s worth the bare skin. Plus, it’s super cute. You could even wear it to work.

The Banshee

Irish mythology is renowned for its wealth of memorable characters and meaningful fables. One such specter is the Banshee (Irish: Bean Sidhe). This female spirit is a warning of death and typically cries for specific ancient families and only those they are connected to through bloodline.

If a family committed sin, the Banshee would warn them of their imminent death, and if they did not repent and turn away from their evil ways, the cursed apparition would keep them close to the earth and make them suffer for their wickedness. This sinful

spirit makes for a terrifying and alluring costume.

Try the Wurrum, a monstrous half-fish/half-dragon water creature that could engulf a boat in one giant gulp for an even more frightening look. This costume is more involved, but the result will impress your friends and neighbors.

The Tanuki

Shapeshifting tricksters are a staple in folklore worldwide and are no different in Japan. Tanuki, which look like raccoon dogs in form (google them, they’re adorable), are playful and mischievous creatures that symbolize wealth and merriment, often displaying their chubby bellies to indicate good times ahead.

They also carry sake flasks, straw hats, and notebooks of promises and trustworthiness. In addition, their large testicles can be a handy tool for playing tricks and swindling merchants.