The time they’re sleeping is one of the most important times spent in a baby’s development. Important milestones are made in their brains and bodies during their sleep.

As a parent, you want to make sure that their sleep is as high-quality as it can get. For good sleep, you need good pajamas.

There are so many options for a baby pajama set that it can be hard to know where to start. Keep reading to see a breakdown of the kinds of baby pajamas and some of our favorite options.

1. Footed Onesie

This is the most classic style of baby pajamas. Baby footie pajamas offer comfort, warmth, and cuteness while being the easiest style to put your baby in. You don’t need to find matching pieces or move the baby around to put on different articles. 

Simply lay your baby on top of the pajamas, slip the arms and legs in, and then fasten it up. The best footed onesies zip up for quick and easy access as opposed to lots of frustrating snaps. When you’re picking your baby up for a quick change in the middle of the night, you want to process to be fast so they (and you) can get back to sleep.

We love the Baby Zip Footed Sleeper Pajamas from Hanna Andersson baby clothes for it’s all organic cotton and cozy fit.

2. Footless Onesie

Looking for a onesie for weather that’s a little warmer? Look no further than a footless onesie. The mechanism is the same as the footed onesie for easy dressing, but if your baby tends to get too warm during the night, this will be a better option.

If you want to keep the baby in their pajamas and go out, you can always toss on a pair of booties for extra warmth.

The Monica and Andy One-Piece Pajamas come in every baby size and have a little bit of spandex in their knit for some extra stretch, and the asymmetrical zipper is one of the easiest styles to put on.

3. Baby Gown

From christenings to sleeping the nightgown is a classic of baby clothing. Did you know that once even baby boy pajamas were all gowns?

It’s an even easier style to put on a baby than a onesie because all you need to do is slip it right over their head. You can choose a longer style like Gerber 4-Pack Baby Fox Gowns for sleep or something shorter if your little one is beginning to crawl. 

Either way, there are lots of unisex and gendered options available in nightgowns, and your baby may feel more comfortable at night with free legs.

4. Sleep Sack

If you like the idea of the nightgown but still want to keep your baby’s feet and legs warm, you should look into a sleep sack. Sleep sack and bag nightgowns are the perfect marriage of swaddling and pajamas.

Until your baby reaches at least a year of age, you should have loose blankets in the crib. But it can be hard to see your little one without something cozy around their body at night. Carter’s Fleece Sleep Bag is the best answer to that conundrum and can be worn as a singular pajama piece or over another pair of pajamas nightly.

5. Pants and Top Baby Pajama Set

When it comes to dressing your baby in pajamas, why not take inspiration from your own pajama wardrobe? There’s no reason that you can’t dress your baby in pajama separates. In fact, there are some benefits to being able to just take off one article of clothing.

During the night, if your baby soils his pants with a leaking diaper or spits up on his shirt, you’ll have to change his pajamas. If he’s wearing a onesie, that means you’re changing him entirely which can upset his sleep further.

With separates, you can just change the piece that’s been soiled and get him back to sleep faster. We love the Old Navy Unisex Alphabet Pajama Set for its soft wash and elastic waistband.

6. Fleece

What’s the softest and warmest pajama option? Fleece pajamas of course!

Fleece insulates your baby against the cold and is oh so comfy on their delicate skin. You can find fleece pajamas in nearly every style but we particularly like a footed style for extra warmth.

The Fleece Footie from Primary is a great option because it’s made of a microfleece which is more gentle on the skin than some other fleeces. It’s also naturally flame resistant without the use of intense chemical treatments.

7. Holiday Themed

There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a pair of holiday pajamas. Go ahead and dress them in their festive pajamas all year. They’ll look adorable and no one will know or judge you for it.

There are baby pajamas available for every holiday, but we love matching pajamas for the whole family. Hanna Andersson has an adorable parents, kids, and babies Halloween pajama set with a family-friendly pumpkin print.

8. Flannel

Another great option for warmth if you aren’t interested in the over-the-top insulation of fleece is flannel. Wool is one of the best textiles for pajamas because it keeps babies warm even when wet. That means if you’re baby sweats a little bit during the night, you can still feel confident that the pajamas are doing their job.

Land’s End offers flannel pajamas in kid’s sizes with whimsical prints and easy button closures.

A Baby Pajama Set For Every Night of Sleep

No matter the weather, your baby’s sleeping style, or your idea of cute, there’s bound to be a baby pajama set on this list you’ll love. Cover the feet for warmth with a footed onesie or sleep sack style, or let those toes and your little one free in a footless or nightgown style.

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