Being a pet owner is a wonderful thing! But with pets, comes a lot of responsibility. From your pet’s health and wellness, to keeping messes to a minimum, it is good to be prepared. One of the things that inevitably comes with owning a pet is keeping your home clean. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to pets in your home.

Less carpeting

Having pets means fur and messes, and the easiest way to keep on top of those messes is to reduce the amount of carpeting in your home. Unfortunately, carpeting is tough to care for because it collects fur, and may become soiled. When we moved into our home, we couldn’t wait to remove old carpeting that was harboring years of dirt from foot traffic and pets. Alternative floorings will make it easier for you as a homeowner, from vinyl to hardwoods. And it is a great investment as well! Look for quality floorings on sale, and don’t hesitate to make this investment.

Area rugs

If you are getting rid of carpeting but still want the comfort of rugs, there are plenty of options for area rugs. There are even washable rug options. Invest in fabrics that are easy to keep clean, such as outdoor rugs or stain-resistant ones.

A good vacuum

Most pets shed, so be prepared with a good vacuum. Most likely there will be pet fur all over your furniture and carpet, so vacuuming regularly will help in keeping it under control. An automatic robotic vacuum might also help, as it can run while you are at work or while you are asleep and get the job done for you.

Air purifiers

Whether you have allergies, asthma, or simply want to keep the air in your home fresh, an air purifier is a great addition to your home. Air purifiers will remove pet dander from the air, reducing your allergies. Air filters will also help in removing other allergens from the air such as pollen and dust.

Regular grooming

Keeping your pet well groomed will help reduce shedding. Consider professional grooming, or make sure you keep up with brushing your cat or dog at home. Especially in pets with long fur or hair, you want to brush and groom them regularly. Doing this will also keep your cat from having hairballs.