A woman going through menopause must know the effective ways to deal with those annoying hot flashes that wake you up in the middle of the night. For many women, they are just a warm sensation, while for many others, it gets incredibly uncomfortable, hot, and sweaty. However, the main reason behind this problem is the decrease in estrogen levels due to menopause. 

So, if you are also going through menopause, or maybe you want to get yourself prepared for the future, – all you have to do is make some simple lifestyle changes that can help you overcome the cruelty and frequency of your hot flashes. Here you’ll find practical tips that will help you with the painful symptoms of hot flashes effectively and efficiently. Let’s get you started:

Wear Loose or Comfortable Clothes

When you start going through the pain caused by hot flashes, you don’t want to wear tight or uncomfortable clothes. It doesn’t matter what season it is, and you need to make sure that there are loose and comfortable layers of clothes, especially when it’s winter. Wear a camisole or a light undershirt with a pullover or a cardigan on top, supported by a coat in the winter. By wearing layers of loose and comfortable clothes, you prepare yourself for hot flashes as you can easily remove them whenever necessary. 

Also, there are menopausal-friendly supplements available for women that can help you deal with painful symptoms of hot flashes. With these menopause hot flash relief supplements, you get complete control over your body and the pain you might have to go through. Make sure you give yourself the benefit of loose and comfortable clothing with these supplements to spend your days without any trouble. 

Train Yourself With Deep Breathing Exercises

Research shows that effective ways of deep breathing can help you in reducing the symptoms of hot flashes. A specific method called paced respiration can be beneficial. 

The best way to perform paced deep breathing is by taking slow deep breaths through your nose that expand your diaphragm. Then slowly exhale by engaging your diaphragm muscles once again. Do this six to eight times a minute, and make sure you practice this method at least twice a day, once early in the morning and other when you are getting ready to sleep at night. You can also try this method when you are going through the pain of hot flashes. It will help you feel better.

Limit the Consumption of Caffeine and Alcohol

If you are going through severe pain during hot flashes, make sure you limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. Both of these elements are common triggers for mood swings and hot flashes among women going through menopause. Instead of drinking coffee or black tea, please your tastebuds with organic tea or sparkling water with lemon or lime juice. 

The same goes for alcohol, as it has the power to affect your mood swings dangerously. So make sure you switch your alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic ones. And if that’s not always possible, limit your consumption. This simple trick will help you treat your hot flashes more effectively. 

Wrapping Up

If you are dealing with the symptoms of menopause, you’ll need to make some changes in your life. However, these changes are not anything drastic any woman can adapt to them with a bit of effort.