Keeping your home properly maintained is such an important thing, but it is also important to stay on top of updates as well. We often focus on the interior of our home, but the exterior is just as important, from building materials to aesthetics. Most people like to have good curb appeal, and here are some tips to keep your home updated and looking its best!


There are so many ways to make sure your yard and garden are in top shape. Keeping your gardens neat and updated are going to give your home a lot of curb appeal. This might mean cleaning out your garden beds and putting down new mulch, or starting over with new plants.

Remember that with older homes, plants will likely be more mature, and you may want to consider cutting back a lot of your plants for a brighter, cleaner space. Sometimes more can look like clutter, so simpler may give it a newer look.

A healthy lawn will also make your home look great. Do your research about things like fertilizer and sprinkler systems to get the most out of your lawn.

A fresh coat of paint

Some new paint on your home can make a big difference. This could be your whole home, or perhaps some new paint on your shutters or trim. Little changes can make a big difference! Not only is it good to keep paint looking fresh, but also choose paint colors that are up to date, so that your home does not look outdated. Painting an exterior is a large project, so you probably want to find a house painter in a city like Richmond hill.

New fixtures

Some new fixtures can make a big difference for your home. This could be a new outdoor lamp light, or new hardware on your doors. A new outdoor lamp light fixture, such as a modern LED lamp, can be a sharp addition to your front yard.

Clean & Declutter

When you think about an updated space, it is clean and free of clutter. And whether you are looking to update your space for yourself, or to impress with improved curb appeal, or you are selling your home, less is more! Clean up items that add clutter around the exterior of your home. This could mean making space in your garage for garbage cans, or installing a fence panel to hide your garbage cans or utility units. Remove unused items, from trash to old gardening items.