After visiting the ruins of Ek Balam, we wanted to check out the cenote that is part of the Ek Balam property. We spent several hours doing a tour and exploring the ruins. After climbing pyramids in the hot sun, were ready to get in the water.

The ruins and the cenote are all on the same site, and makes for a convenient day of exploring and then cooling off at the cenote.

I believe the entrance fee was $70 pesos, and we paid extra for a rappelling and zipline tour.

You can pay to rent a bike or taxi, but we had our rental car with us, so we drove over from the main Ek Balam parking lot.

There are plenty of signs along the dirt road, and it wasn’t far – I would say less than 5 minutes.

The road was narrow and had some potholes, but we had no problems driving.

The first thing we did was rappel down the side of the cenote. By we, I mean the kids!

The staff there was helpful and friendly. They got everyone’s gear set up, and then lowered the kids over the side of the cenote.

Once you get to the bottom via rappelling, there is someone at the bottom to help you on to a platform.

Alternately, you can walk down the stairs, which are incredibly steep. Check out the cutouts in the stairs!

After we got to the bottom of the cenote, there was a zipline as well.

There are life jackets available at the cenote as well. (I believe they were required).

Cenote Xcanche is an open air cenote, which means there is no roof covering the top.

There was an awesome platform here with a rope swing.

There are some neat catfish here (similar to a lot of other cenotes).

When we were done, we grabbed a bite to eat on the premises.

It was nice to get indoors, out of the sun and away from the bugs.

The menu at Cocina Maya is small, but it was nice to get something after a day at Ek Balam, including some refreshing drinks.

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