If you’re going through a divorce or going through child custody battles, it is time to hire a professional who can help you fight your side of the case and get you what you rightly deserve! 

How much you can expect to spend on a family law attorney

First off – what is a family law attorney and what do they do? Family law is a type of law that focuses on issues related to family and domestic partnerships. If you are having trouble with your spouse or your partner, hiring divorce attorneys in New Jersey will help you figure out the next steps in your life. Typically, family law practices focus on representing a person who is in the middle of a nasty divorce, domestic abuse concerns, division of property, child support payments, and prenuptial agreements. Furthermore, a family law attorney can help child protection or civil protection when it comes to an abusive spouse and help one person get out of this harmful situation.

If you find that you are in one of these situations, hiring a family law attorney can be your best bet to continue moving forwards with your life and live healthily and happily. If you are being abused, you are not receiving compensation for child support, or you are having divorce concerns, hiring a family law attorney can help you put these worries to bed. But how much can you expect to spend on this professional? You need to budget a certain amount of money so you can afford to pay for this reputable attorney who will help you get your life back on track. 

If you are worried about spending the money for a family law attorney, keep this in mind – they can do so many things for you in this time of stress! They are well worth the investment if you are worried about spending so much money upfront. Family law attorneys can help handle divorce issues, deal with child custody concerns, take care of estates and wills, form prenuptial agreements, and represent yourself in court during intense cases. 

  • Going through a divorce is draining and hard to deal with, but a family law attorney can help you in the process of settling, getting the assets you deserve, and getting you spousal support during your marriage.
  • A family law attorney can help you figure out how to best take care of your children and draft an agreement that works for both parties.
  • A family law attorney will help you draft the estate and will ensure that the estate and assets that you have, or your spouse has, are properly distributed after death. 
  • Prenuptial agreements can be a tricky subject, but your family law attorney will be able to help you assist in drafting this agreement and mediate any issues that can arise from this contract. 
  • Lastly, a family law attorney will help you in a court of law if you find that you are having trouble settling with your past partner or spouse.


As you can see, hiring a family law attorney is well worth the price you will pay for their services. The average cost of hiring a family law attorney is around $250 per hour, with experienced attorneys costing around $300 to $500 per hour. A simple divorce will typically cost between $5000 and $7,000, whereas the average divorce will cost upwards of $20,000.