Do you have a sister, girlfriend, or wife in your area who just became a mother? For those of you who are wondering what gift they give to the maternity hospital, find here gift ideas for new mothers that will give them a lot of smiles and – if you are lucky – will untie their hands. So forget balloons, flower pots and bears – as cute as they are, unfortunately, they will not offer much to new parents.

The birth of a baby, no matter how much joy it offers, does not cease to be accompanied by anxiety. Your gift is an occasion to show the new mother that you care about her and do not buy something formal to take out the obligation. In this article, you will find ideas for useful, practical, and original gifts for new mothers, whether you are planning a visit to the maternity hospital or home.

Nightgown or Pajamas

The only sure thing is that with the arrival of the new member in a family, the hours that the new mom will spend at home, and more specifically in bed, will be many. So an extra set of nightgowns or pyjamas can prove to be extremely useful. The new mom may not be able to sleep as many hours as she would like, but when that time comes, cotton or satin pyjamas will allow her to rest even more.

Breastfeeding pillow

A breastfeeding pillow is all that is needed for the new mom, or even the baby, to be comfortable. If you are not sure if she is going to breastfeed, it is better to avoid buying something like this unless you have a close relationship and you can ask her a question.

Baby care set

New parents may have everything they need to know about their baby, but some items have no priority and have not been purchased until the last minute, such as a hairbrush or special scissors for babies. Many sets contain such items in beautiful baby colours.

Baby bathrobe

No matter how many towels the new parents have bought for the baby, a bathrobe made of 100% cotton and rafts with animals or a hood is always useful for after the bath. It is also a gift showing that you care for the baby and are interested in having good quality items.

Foot massage device or Spa massage coupon

If you want to put your hand a little deeper in your pocket, there are devices on the market for a foot massage that a new mother needs more than ever after the fatigue of pregnancy and childbirth. Alternatively, you can give her a massage treatment as a gift at a spa.

Cup Warmer for coffee

The first days – not to mention months – with the baby at home can be crazy. It is very likely that the new mom will not have time to drink her coffee before it gets cold between feedings and baby changes. This device can be a saviour in such cases.

New cosmetics

Now more than ever, new mothers need good creams that moisturize the skin and rejuvenate the skin. Both the pregnancy and the first months with the baby may have left their skin a little dull, and they may not have even considered renewing their collection. You can find all the quality beauty products in a reliable and economical online store with an internet search.

A necklace or bracelet

A beautiful piece of jewellery such as a necklace or bracelet is a gift for the new mom who will please her, especially if she has the initials of the new baby’s name. Alternatively, he could just write “mom” or have a nice drawing of a mom or a family with a child.