Dangers in our travels are everywhere, even in a country like Greece. Every time we set foot in a foreign country, the last thing that comes to our mind is that something unpleasant can happen to us. A criminal assault, a robbery or even an assault on us may – unfortunately – be part of our journey. What are the best ways to protect yourself? See what to look out for when travelling abroad.

Nothing but nothing is going to spoil your dream vacation in Athens. But are you absolutely sure you know all those things to protect yourself from potential dangers? Probably not, and so it would be good to take the necessary personal security measures to ensure the tranquillity of your vacation.

Luggage: pay special attention to their protection

They are the number one target of thugs targeting tourists. As soon as you land and wait patiently on the belt until your luggage is visible, be careful not to rush to catch the bags coming out of the conveyor belt; you lose the one you have already received! Thieves lurk at airports waiting to take advantage of your mistake. You should be just as careful until you arrive at the airport. The subway or shuttle buses are a cheap but dangerous solution for your luggage, which can fall victim to some trick. If you choose one of these for your transport, keep your eyes wide open. Experts suggest “safer” places near the bus driver or in the last seats – the gallery – to control all other passengers visually. Otherwise, prefer to take a taxi – to get to your hotel without any problems.

Wallet: The most common target

Stealing your wallet on a trip is a very unpleasant experience, which will cost you not only money but also the time as you run to cancel credit cards and re-issue ID as soon as you return home. Before leaving the hotel room every morning, make sure you only carry a certain amount of money in your purse, which you may need as well as photocopies of your ID. Secure your credit, ID and passport in your room safe and move around the city freely and without stress. If you lose your necessary identification documents, you should seek legal help from a reputable Athens law firm. The qualified professionals of this office will give you the appropriate advice and the necessary support you need to retrieve the required documents for travel safety and confirmation of your details.

Clothing: follow the rhythms of the city

The tourist in a foreign city is always a target for would-be robbers. In combination with your camera in the foreground and the map of the town in hand, the outfit highlights you as a visitor in Athens. Try not to be targeted so easily. In a bag – which you will always keep passed on you in “postman” style – put maps and equipment inside so that your tourist status is not visible from afar. It is also good to “copy” the dress code of the city you are visiting to not stand out in the crowd.