Travel for all of us is a time when we leave all our responsibilities behind and turn to rest and fun. But during a trip, we can put ourselves in danger, and precisely our eyesight. Our extended hours of exposure to the sun can create very significant problems in our vision, ruining our overall travel experience and creating a more important and permanent problem in our eyesight. That is why the choice of protecting our eyes against the sun’s radiation is essential.

How can this be done, you wonder. So let’s find out how we choose protection for our eyes during our travels:

The frame of the glasses

Sunglasses frames are fashionable. It is color in all its glory! It is metal, bone, wood or leather. They are volumes and shapes. Small shapes that barely cover the eye or large ones that embrace almost the entire face. They are details, decor, rhinestones, semi-precious stones and much more!

But regardless of all the above, the first reason is the application on the face of each person. The correct or incorrect application of the sunglasses frame can characterize the glasses as suitable or unsuitable respectively. A skeleton is considered appropriate when it has the right size for that person and the right relationship with it. Contact with parts of the face such as the cheeks, temples, eyebrows and eyelashes should be avoided as intolerance may occur. The points of contact and support are on the nose with the eardrums and on the back of the ears with the tips of the arms, which, however, should not be disturbed.

The shape of the face

Observe the shape of your face in the mirror. We give you some general directions to get started and choose those glasses that perfectly fit the shape of your face.

Round: Try to give the impression of a longer and thinner face with frames in geometric shapes with sharp angles and small height to soften the roundness of your face. Our proposal is wide, rectangular and small glasses. For an ideal result, make sure that the nose support is at the top of the frame.

Oval: You have great freedom in choosing sunglasses, since you can wear any shape on your oval face. Prefer a skeleton slightly wider than the widest part of your face.

Square: Soften your sharp corners and give the impression of a longer face by choosing an oval frame or geometric shapes with slightly rounded corners. Alternatively, dare “butterfly” shaped glasses. Skeletons with arms above eye level can also help with the impression of elongation.

Your skin

The human race shows a number of differences in physical characteristics and the colour of facial skin. Calculate the face colour factor when choosing glasses, since, in essence, it will be their dominant background.


You will find that virtually any colour of glasses matches your blonde skin.


For people with this skin tone, glasses in cool brown, green & yellow colours are usually suitable. However, pink, red and orange should be avoided.


Choose glasses brown, pink, red and in the colour of amber. Avoid yellow, green & gold.


Brunettes look best with brown, pink, red and amber glasses.

Your nose

As the nose is a central point on the face and the main point of support of the glasses, it can only influence the choice of the appropriate frame in order for the final result to “tie” with the other features of the face, giving absolute harmony. Your nose is:


Reduce the emphasis on a long nose by choosing a frame with a thick dark bridge that rests low on your nose. Suitable for this case are the frames that have the bridge in a low position relative to the front of the frame.


Frames with a “keyhole” type bridge are the best choice for the short nose that needs to look bigger. Since this bridge rests on the sides of the nose and not on it’s hill, it allows a larger part of the nose to be seen. The frames that have the bridge high in relation to the front are also suitable. Avoid frames whose bridge crosses the nose at a low point because they shorten the nose more. The choice of dark colours enhances the feeling of elongation.

Of course, when it comes to choosing the fitting goggles, we should always take into account the opinion of a specialist ophthalmologist as he will advise us on those goggles that will ideally protect us from ultraviolet rays during our travels. One such expert is Aris Konstantopoulos of Aris Vision Correction, who will be able to advise you on the appropriate choice of sunglasses for protection against the sun so that you can enjoy the moments of your trip without any worries.