In many ways, we can underestimate what the perfect family car can do for us. Usually, when we are on the hunt for the ideal car, we look for the right features, but there is only so much that the right car can do for us, so we have to take additional steps to ensure it is the ideal vessel for our family road trips and day-to-day life. What does it take to make your family car more than goods, but great? 

The Potential to Personalize

Many cars don’t have the wiggle room for upgrading, but then again, parents don’t necessarily have the time, but you should make little changes to your car so it becomes the vehicle you really need. There are little things, like private number plates that you can personalize, but there are things you can upgrade to give you extra peace of mind. 

For example, upgrading from seat belts to harnesses may seem like overkill, but with the number of accidents out there, it’s crucial to protect your precious cargo. And of course, think about the benefits of a good set of tires. If you are driving around in all weathers, a solid set of custom wheels is always worth the investment. 

You can also upgrade your interior, with things like seat covers or a console fridge. These things will provide the ultimate comfort and convenience when you are on the road.

Ample Storage

This is one of the biggest reasons people buy SUVs and hatchbacks. When you have young children, you’ve got to have enough room in the trunk. But also, you need to think about the other practicalities when you are transporting kids, for example, floor space. 

When you have little kids, you may not think about having ample floor space, but when you are packing for a road trip, it’s not just the trunk that will house most of your stuff, but it’s about having room underneath your children’s feet as well! You need space for things like coolers, and items that can easily nestle in on the floor at the back. You should also think about rear seats that can fold flat so this will expand the storage area.

The Most Useful Technology

Modern cars come with a lot of technology that can make life a lot easier on a long road trip. There is plenty of technology for the kids’ benefit, for example, Bluetooth connectivity. But Bluetooth connectivity is not just great for your entertainment in the vehicle, it can help you when you are on the road. Bluetooth connectivity gives you the capability to pay attention to your phone without having to look at it. As it is illegal to use devices behind the wheel in most states, this is why many manufacturers are integrating systems for drivers to navigate and choose music. 

Additionally, USB connectivity allows your teenagers to charge their phones, but when we are talking about technology and safety, the most useful feature for parents is remote keyless entry. While this is now a standard feature on most new cars, if you are looking to buy an older vehicle, remote keyless entry could make short work of most things. Rather than having to stop to unlock your trunk, you can load or unload equipment easily without having to fumble around for your key.

Also, more cars are integrated with camera technology. A backup camera is an excellent addition when you are trying to park up but the children are fighting in the back (or they are trying to block your view)! Having a backup camera can give you an extra pair of eyes, as it were, making parking a lot easier, and as a lot of cars come with built-in sensors, they will beep if something comes too close. Every parent knows just how deprived of senses they can be when children are in the back, so having more technology can be a lifesaver.

The Best Safety Rating

Safety is of the utmost importance, and we can very easily overlook it as our children get older. But there is a time when our children are teenagers that they are more than inclined to try and push their luck. And if you are driving on a freeway, and you are momentarily distracted, this is never a good thing, but having cars with airbags, and high safety ratings will provide that extra peace of mind. 

We can’t be perfect behind the wheel all of the time, and it is so important to make sure that kids are occupied, but as car accidents are more commonly caused by distracted driving, it’s important to choose a car that, if the worst was to happen, you would emerge unscathed. To make your family car great, you need to have the right combination of tools and features, as well as making sure it is as safe as possible.