While staying in Valladolid, Mexico, we decided to go on road trips every day. We found Cenote Samula was just over a 10 minute drive from our hotel in central Valladolid.

We drove our rental car (from Avant car rental in Cancun) and used Google Maps to find the cenote without a problem. Keep in mind this is part of the Dznitup group of cenotes.

There are several cenotes in this area that are part of the Cenote Dznitnup system, so we followed the signs carefully. The road seemed well maintained here, and there was a large parking lot as well.

We paid for our tickets at a front counter, and proceeded to the the cenote. Cenote Samula and Cenote Xkeken shared a ticket office, and we paid for both cenotes.

We were given mandatory life jackets, and as with most cenotes, you have to take a shower first to rinse off any bug spray, sunscreen, etc.

It is a short walk to the cenote.

There were lots of great carvings in the walkways.

The entrance to Cenote Saamul is a flight of stairs.

This is a fairly closed cenote, with a ray of light entering through a spot in the roof of the cave. If you are hoping to swim in a beam of light, you’ll want to time your visit accordingly.

There are walkways when you get down to the cenote, which is nice, as there isn’t always a spot to hang out if you aren’t swimming.

There are several ways to get into the cenote. You can wade in on the stairs, or jump in.

This is a very scenic and enjoyable cenote.

Cenote Saamul did get more busy the longer we stayed. We usually try to visit cenotes in the morning, before tour buses or lots of other visitors arrive.

Pros: very scenic, plenty of parking, easy to find, options to wade or jump in, beam of sun on the water

Cons: No zipline or rope swing, does get crowded, mandatory life jackets

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