Did you know that almost 14.8 million people report that they see rats or mice in their homes? If you want to learn about pest infestation, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to prevent pests from invading your home. You’ll learn pest infestation prevention tips to protect your house.


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1. What Pests Live In Your Area?

Consider what pests can infest your home. Are there certain kinds of pests that affect your area?

If you live in Virginia, learn about the common crickets.

2. Get Rid Of Moisture

A lot of pests will get drawn to humidity and moisture. You should open the window in your bathroom so that you can reduce moisture buildup.

Consider picking up a dehumidifier. Don’t forget to run your bathroom vents.

Your home should have good ventilation, especially in the basement and the attic. Look out for any leaks in your home. Leaks in plumbing will end up causing pools of water.

3. Complete Regular Maintenance

You should repair and seal up your home. You want to make it difficult for your pests to slip into your home. Make sure you complete regular maintenance so that you can prevent pest infestation.

Damaged areas, gaps, and cracks provide opportunities for pests to sneak into your home. Make sure you inspect the exterior of your home.

Some maintenance tasks include repairing siding and shingles. You should also fix loose mortar and cracks on the foundation. Seal cracks around pipes, doors, windows, and other areas.

You should look at replacing weather stripping around your doors. Install a chimney screen and cap. You should fix the torn door and window screens.

4. Clean Your Home

A dirty home will end up attracting pests. The kitchen is a primary source of moisture and food, so make sure you clean it often. Keeping your home clutter-free will also help. Clutter can become a hiding spot for pests.

You should vacuum often and get rid of crumbs. Also, vacuuming will pick up tiny insects in your home as well.

Wipe up any food spills right away. Sweep up crumbs, so your home isn’t appealing to critters. Put outdoor trash bins far from your home. Outdoor trash bins can end up attracting different pests.

5. Don’t Forget to Store Your Food

Food in your kitchen will attract pests. Make sure you package food well and store it away. Use airtight containers. Open pet food will end up attracting pests. Make sure you put the food in a sealed container.

Don’t leave the food out. If your pet doesn’t eat the food fast, you should seal it away until later. The leaks will also leave building material damp, which can attract pests.

Now You Know How to Prevent a Pest Infestation

We hope this guide on pest infestation was helpful. Prevent pests from entering your home by getting rid of moisture sources. Pack away food, and seal up holes in your home.

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