Sleek hair, voluminous blow-dried hair, and perfectly curled hair are what we all want to achieve, and how do we do this? Through heat styling! 

We use heat styling, and to top it up, we even use chemical treatments. 

After years of doing the same thing, we end up with thinner hair, split ends, and hair breakage.

It may leave you wondering where your beautiful hair has gone by the end.

Hair Beauty

Hair issues frequently keep people awake at night. You don’t want to be one of them, right? So in this blog, we’ll look at how protective hairstyles can produce just as beautiful results as heat-styled ones.

You also won’t harm your hair in the process, and it’s a no-mess, no-fuss treatment.

Let’s find out how!

All Hail For The Buns 

Buns are the first on our list because it is a unique way to style your hair. 

There is a bun style for every occasion. It makes no difference whether it is for a formal or informal occasion. Depending on the situation, you can choose between high and low buns, as well as messy buns.

For example, for a day out with friends, you can wrap a messy bun, and if you have a workday, you can opt for a sleek bun. 

However, a word of caution is always to make sure that your bun is not too tight as it can cause tugging leading to hair breakage or even trigger headaches. 

Faux Ponytails And Fringes

If you want to add a spin to your regular hairstyle, try using a faux ponytail or faux fringes. From curls to a sleek pony, there are plenty of options that you might have seen people rocking on their Instagram feed.

The Instagram baddie look, which is so trending, can be achieved with the use of a straight-haired ponytail. 

If you want a cutesy look, you can opt for a bun styled with a faux fringe. It is very kawaii and cute and also gives us total Miley Cyrus vibes. 

Hair Wraps

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your hair. Just choose a silk headscarf and make a cute turban- you now have something super minimal yet classy. 

You can then add on some fabulous earrings, and even on a bad hair day, you got yourself covered.


You might have seen wigs becoming extremely popular now. The Kardashian clan seem to rock all kinds of wigs, ranging from super long wigs seen on Kim to a bob-cut wig on kylie. 

And more people are getting into the wig culture because they are not just good-looking; they are extremely protective of your natural hair.

Human hair headband wigs are amazing, and they are available in all styles and are easy to maintain. 

After wearing the wig, apply some detangling spray to prep the hair for the next day, and Voila! 

Halo Braids

If you want to look like a queen with a crown on your head, then a halo braid is a perfect choice. 

It is like a faux crown that you need to try. This is because every woman is a queen, after all. 

So get out the bobby pin, get braiding and be amazed how something as simple as halo braids can make you look and feel. 

Overnight Curls 

If you love curls, there is nothing better than overnight curls. 

You do not have to get out your curling tongs to do this; instead, you can use various methods to get curls overnight while you sleep! Amazing. 

The simplest method is to braid your hair while it is still damp into a tight braid and sleep. The next morning you can wake up with the most beautiful natural curls. 

This method can also be done with paper and with hair rollers, whatever suits you. 


Through these simple alternative styles, you can make sure that your natural hair is protected. 

We take our hair for granted, and by the time we realize it’s already very late, so it is best to start now. 

If you’re already damaged hair, you might not notice the results of choosing alternative styles in a week, but keep doing it for a year and trust us, you will see differences.