If you are passionate about learning new things in life, get a degree in education. Most of the successful leaders qualified in the field of education. They knew the value of being educated and educating others in return. Moreover, they wanted to turn this society into a better place. Therefore, opting for a degree in education felt like the best choice.

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Fortunately, the field of education has advanced a lot over the years. Now, students can even opt for a doctorate in education and expand their knowledge even more. You can also take your academic career to the next level by completing a doctorate in education. A decision like this will bring better job opportunities, and you will make a beneficial impact.

However, many students are confused about doing their doctorate in education or not. If you feel the same, it is best to clear such queries right away and plan for the future.

So is this degree program worth the investment and time? Let’s keep reading to find out the answer.

A doctorate in an education degree program is well-designed to improve your interpersonal and leadership skills. After the recent pandemic, you get the chance to learn online and manage studies with work easily. The same goes for the edd higher education online degree, which has a flexible learning schedule for working students. Such a competent degree program will teach you how to run a school and manage an organizational curriculum properly.  

Some other opportunities you can explore with the help of a doctorate in education are:

1- You can earn full-time

As mentioned above, this degree program follows a flexible schedule. It means you have the freedom to work full-time and study at the same time. Through an online doctorate in education, you get to choose different courses and class timings. In this way, it is easier to manage work and studies without losing your job. There are part-time online learning options, making it even easier for students to learn from home.

2- You get special attention

Be it a traditional doctorate in an education program or an online one. You receive special attention throughout the program. It is because you interact with your course instructors daily and learn among 15-20 students. By networking with classmates who share similar views and life goals, you form a cohort and learn things in-depth. It is not only good for your career but also helps in getting personalized attention from your teachers. It further motivates you to pursue your career goals and perform well in your studies.

3- You develop professional skills

To strengthen your professional skills, get a doctorate in education as it speeds up the process. Wanting to become a leader or educator is one thing, but having a professional skillset is another. Therefore, it is best to qualify for a degree program that helps develop your professional skills. It trains you to solve education-related issues and get hired right away. Students who complete this degree program have all the ideal skills needed to fill out leadership positions in public and private organizations. Moreover, this program will teach you to view life differently and understand the importance of good research and data analysis. By enhancing your professional skill set, you have the opportunity to bring much-needed change and solve complicated problems.

4- You have various career options to choose from 

The best thing about this degree program is it gives you a variety of job opportunities. Most of the doctorates in education later get hired for the following designations:

  • Curriculum Directors
  • School Principals
  • Lecturers at reputed colleges or universities
  • School Superintendents
  • Non-profit Directors
  • Educational Policy Makers
  • Officials at the State Department of Education

This list goes on and on as the career options for the graduates are endless. Education itself is a diversified field, making students fully capable of scoring a dream job in any organization. If you aspire to educate others and bring change, this is the degree for you.

5- You can earn well 

Apart from starting your dream job, you can also earn well by completing a doctorate in education! Holding a higher-level degree in education certainly has its perks, like a generous income for the job you love. Gaining financial stability is everyone’s lifetime goal. With the help of this degree, you can accomplish that. As noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the annual wages of some graduates:

  • A school superintendent earns $116,775 annually, whereas an academic dean makes around $92,360 per year. 
  • A high school principal has an average salary of $94,390 a year, and higher education professors earn $76,000 to over $170,000 annually.

These are significant numbers, displaying how well a person can earn after getting their doctorate in education.

The Bottom Line:

Only a small number of people can qualify for this prestigious degree, which gives them a sense of achievement. Doing their doctorate in education will soon pay off, and they will reap the benefits. Now, you know the answer to the question asked above; a doctorate in education is definitely worth the struggle and investment. So boost your career in education and raise awareness through this degree as soon as possible. After all, a degree in education will never go to waste.