Many businesses face threats to data and organizational security by unauthorized access. Adopting the right tools and techniques can help capture login information and stop potential harm to the company.

Identity cards or IDs play an important role in the identification of employees in an organization. Employee ID cards, known as badge buddies, are used in all areas and industries worldwide.

Why do Companies Use Identification Cards for Employees?

For an employee, ID cards are an important proof that denotes they belong to a company. The staff feels valued in the organization when they carry proof of their employment everywhere they go.  

Here are some other reasons why an employee ID card is a crucial part of your business.

  • An ID card is the only way to ensure staff’s entry inside the premises and avoid unauthorized entries. 
  • It helps record the entry and exit times of employees. The HR department can generate an accurate payroll system.
  • Companies can restrict the entry of outsiders without a proper ID card. It helps maintain a secured environment. An employee ID can also help restrict inter-departmental entry within the company.
  • Carrying an employee ID with your name and designation instills a sense of confidence in your staff. It helps in boosting the morale of employees and makes them perform better in their jobs.
  • Badge Buddies are a great way to promote your company in the market. It can help you build a positive brand image. You can create awareness about your organization to a wider set of audience.
  • Clients can easily check and connect with customer service staff wearing an employee ID for help. It helps to build a long-lasting relationship with your loyal customers.

Organizations Where Badge Buddies are Mandatory for Employees

A simple employee ID is an essential tool in almost every organization. Here are a few sectors where a badge buddy can be effectively used.

Government Organizations

Public sector companies like banks are thronged by people daily. It is imperative to ensure the security of these institutions and their employees. Hence, an ID badge to authorize legal entry into various departments is important.

Healthcare Sector

Customized IDs for doctors and nurses in health care sectors can help patients to contact the concerned person in an emergency.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutes like colleges and schools should assign unique badge buddies for their staff. It helps in ensuring a seamless workflow of the education system.

Different Types of Badge Buddies

Colorful and eye-catchy ID cards can help your company stand out in the crowd.

There are various types of customizable and durable badge buddies available in the market. You can select a horizontal or a vertical ID card for your employees.

A standard employee identification card essentially includes:

  • The company’s logo.
  • Personal details of the employee like name, designation, contact address, and phone number.
  • Details of the company like name, address, and contact number are essential for recovering a stolen or lost card.

What are Horizontal and Vertical Badge Buddies?

You can select a horizontally aligned or a vertically aligned ID to match your needs. Both contain the same information presented differently. 

Ways to Customize Your Employee ID

Customized badge buddies are an easy way to identify employees in large-scale, busy organizations. You can customize them in various ways to suit your preferences.

You can change the features of an identification card too.

Size: The standard size of a badge buddy is around 2–3 inches. You can change the size according to the information you provide.

Material: Laminated and synthetic ID card buddies are now widely used. They are long-lasting and unbreakable. You can select the thickness of the badge according to the material you choose. 

Field staff, medical professionals, and factory workers need a sturdy badge buddy to withhold the wear and tear of their job profile. Many companies choose plastic and water-resistant IDs for this purpose.

Color: You can choose different colors to make your badge buddies attractive. An eye-catching ID card can also create a positive brand image in the market.

Adding additional features like contactless, digital login access, and access to printers, copiers, and other devices is also helpful for your company.

Final Word

A valid ID card handles the security of the staff and the company. Hence, organizations of all levels and sectors should select badge or card buddies for their employees. Using the latest technology and digital security techniques, you can choose the best option for your business. Pay attention to the materials selected and add your company’s details on the badge buddy to make it an effective promotional tool, as well.