Women’s health specialists can help women with many different kinds of questions or concerns that they may have. Here are some of the top reasons women can seek help from these professionals.

They Need a Pap Smear Screening

Women can visit a women’s healthcare center for their pap smear screening. This is an important and routine medical exam that women need to have performed on them by women’s health specialists such as gynecologists. These exams can assure that a woman does not have precancerous or cancerous cells, or provide evidence of said cells so that a woman can start receiving any necessary treatment to combat them. The earlier any such problems are detected, the better chances a woman has of avoiding serious complications.

They Have an Unusual Menstrual Cycle

Another common reason to consult these medical professionals is if a woman has concerns about her menstrual cycle. There are many ways in which a menstrual cycle can be unusual. Some women may go months without getting their period. Others may have their period last for an extended amount of time, sometimes even weeks. Women have also been known to suffer from excessive bleeding during their period, needing to change their pad too many times per day and leading to anemia, for example. Some women may suffer from very painful cramps or spotting in between periods. These are among the many reasons why women might decide to contact a women’s health specialist for help. They are trained in knowing how to help women resolve these issues and more.

They Need Birth Control

Women can also consult these professionals about birth control. These specialists can provide birth control prescriptions for women who want to avoid pregnancy or use birth control to regulate their cycle. That’s right, birth control has multiple uses. Those with unusual menstrual cycles are frequently placed on some kinds of birth control in order to make their cycles more regular. For example, they can do this with birth control pills because the hormones that are typically found in them, estrogen and progestin, also help to regulate women’s menstrual cycles. Aside from pills, there are also many other birth control options available to women that these specialists can inform them about. These include birth control implants, shots, patches or vaginal rings and IUDs, among others.

They Need Pregnancy Advice

Women who want to have children can also, of course, seek pregnancy advice from women’s health specialists. This may include seeking advice on how to safely get off of whatever birth control method they may be using. They can also advise patients on how to best go about trying to become pregnant if they are having issues doing so on their own. They can prepare patients for the symptoms they will experience while pregnant. Furthermore, obstetricians examine and give medical advice to women who are already pregnant and are responsible for delivering children.

These specialists can help women in many ways, and many times their services are free because their importance makes it necessary that they are available to everyone.