While you may not think it’s important to put any effort into finding the right socks for your little one, you may find yourself dwelling over which size, type, or style to pick. Searching for fun sock designs is a very enjoyable part of the process, whether it be wacky prints or simple ones, choosing the right socks begins with finding the right size.

The best kids socks protect small feet, offer comfort and vibrant color. They also make sure the shoes feel much more comfortable, and not only that, some of the most interesting socks include grips which makes them even more fun for your little ones!

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Types of socks

There are a variety of fun types of socks depending on the occasion and your child’s preference. Here are some of the most common options available for kids:

Athletic socks

If your child is active and participating in sports like football and basketball, then make sure to look for socks that offer thicker materials to support a busier lifestyle. They should also be comfortable and breathable. Some of the best socks for playing football have reinforced toe and heel, and are of high quality.

Some even include cushioning on the sides to increase comfort when running on a playground, or playing basketball. And don’t forget to look for socks that help prevent sweat and odor.

Fun socks

Of course, kids love fun socks, because their designs are interesting and that’s why they are immensely popular. Some of the most interesting ones include lively designs, vibrant colors, and energetic prints. Especially popular are superhero socks which never go out of style with kids.

Children love showing off their favorite characters displayed on their socks and they are fun to match with either casual or formal clothes. From animal prints to stripes, or even cartoon characters finding fun socks it’s easier when you know how to match their personality. If you are planning to surprise your child with personalized designs, you can do it with the help of Custom Sock Lab.

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Grip socks

Grip socks are best for kiddos who are just developing motor skills, gaining leg strength, and learning how to balance. They need designs that will help them in their new and active lifestyle. They need socks with rubber soles that enhance stability and prevent slippage.

Also, these types of socks are great for busy kids who love to run around the house, especially if you don’t have any carpets. They are ideal to wear not only inside, but also outside.

Themed socks

Since kids love colorful and fun designs, they will always enjoy themed socks. Whether they’re holiday or season’s weather influenced, your little ones will enjoy them during special times of the year. From picking socks with holiday-inspired designs like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, to themed socks to get them excited for the upcoming season.

And not just the designs, but you also might consider the type of weather that comes with each season. So, you’ll need appropriate socks such as thick and fluffy ones for wintertime, or light and cooler socks during spring or summertime.

Styles of socks

Once you’ve determined the size and type of socks, you need to think about the style that best suits your little ones. Here are some common styles of socks:

No-show ankle

No-show ankle socks are very popular because eventually, they become invisible socks once your kid puts on shoes. These are often favored in an athletic setting but also preferred for everyday casual outfits, playing in the park, or gym class.


Knee-high socks are most comfortable in winter since they provide warmth and coziness, and are usually made of a built-in elastic element that helps them stay in place once they’re pulled up. They are especially practical for active children who constantly find themselves pulling up loose socks.

Crew cut socks

Crew cut socks are the most common style of socks and they provide coverage of the ankle and extend upward almost halfway up the calf. These types of socks work both ways, whether you’re looking for dress socks or athletic ones, they are easy and a comfortable fit.

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No-show socks

No-show socks are designed so that your kid can wear low shoes without having to go barefoot, and avoid odor and sweating. These are most popular among girls, but it all depends on the type of shoes your kid will wear.

Final thoughts

It’s crazy how many different styles and types of socks you can find nowadays, so searching for the perfect one can become a fun experience for both parents and their children. From winter to summer socks, always remember to look for great quality and comfort, but also something that looks fun and stylish.