If your partner has been spending too much on their phone, or maybe even being more secretive about it, then you probably have all the reasons to be suspicious. 

Nowadays, social media seems to have given cheaters a new outlet for infidelity. With features like disappearing messages and multiple accounts, and the growing popularity of dating apps, cheating seems to have become more rampant than usual. So there is always a cause of concern if you see your partner being too chummy with their phone or over-protective, along with showing signs of distance, then there might be something to worry about. 

But the obvious question arises. How? We all know that looking into someone’s phone isn’t the easiest, so do you find out what your spouse is up to? Well, here are some of the best ways to look into your partner’s phone without risking getting caught. 

  • Use Spyware Applications 

We’ve stated above that social media and the latest technology have allowed cheating to become rampant, but there are a ton of spyware applications that can help you find out whatever your spouse or partner has been doing. These apps allow you to track messages, texts, searches, calls, and pretty much everything on a device, without having to physically open it or be around. You can remotely access all this information through your personal device. There are a ton of great apps you can find, for all kinds of operating systems, so you can catch a cheater on iPhone as well as Android. However, the one drawback here might be that you will have to install the Spyware on the device yourself, and while it isn’t necessary, you may even have to jailbreak the device. 

  • Use Keyloggers 

Another great way you can catch a probable cheater is by installing keyloggers. Keyloggers are a type of software that can be installed on a computer, that track records whatever is being typed on the device. As the name suggests, they keep track of all the keys that are being pressed. So you can find what texts are being sent, what passwords are being typed, what emails are being written as well as anything else that is being searched. Keyloggers tend to be really discrete and most of the time, they run secretly in the background. Setting them up can be a bit more complicated than usual, so it would be best to take the help of someone who is well-equipped with such skills. 

  • Check Out Keyword Logs and the Cloud

If you and your spouse share a common device, then you can find out what they have been up to by checking out their searches and digging for clues. Most of the time, even if someone clears out the device history completely, traces of searches can sometimes even remain. You can go to Google or whichever search engine you use, and type out various letters to check out what comes up. Of course, there are also special software and apps that you can use to dig deeper and find out exactly what is being searched about. There is also the Cloud, and as you may already know, nothing ever leaves the Cloud. So if you dig carefully, you will be able to find deleted photos, videos, and more. Generally, when someone is being unfaithful, you will find a trace of something. 

  • Install GPS Tracking Apps

Another great way to find out what your partner has been up to, through their phone and devices, is by using a GPS tracking app. You can, of course, check out their Google Maps history, and even use apps like “Find My Friend” where you can remotely keep a track of their location, through your own device. You can also check out their locations by going to the Significant Locations section in their settings, which is almost a fool-proof way to find out information about your partner’s location, without them finding out.