Despite your outdoor-space dreams coming true, there’s still always the potential that you’re going to be faced with a difficult shape of garden. There may be a natural feature that is stuck right in the way; maybe your garden curves strangely, seems wonky, or maybe the fencing and bordering between your garden and the text doesn’t flow how you’d want it. 

While the ideal dream garden may always be a large, symmetrical square with lush green grass, beautiful views, and no nosy neighbors, it’s not always possible. However, there are ways to make an awkwardly shaped garden still one you can use and enjoy. 

Embrace Dramatic Features

If you have anything in your garden which sticks out like a sore thumb, then embracing it and trying to turn it into a focal piece may make it much easier to deal with instead of trying to work around it. 

For example, if you have a steep and awkward slope in the center of your garden, is there anything you can do to dress it up and make it more useable? Can you install a set of attractive steps or dress it up with rows of colorful flowers to make it look more intentional? 

Use Mirrors

If you have any awkward walls, curved stonework, or anything that looks a little messy (like different sized stone or brick in a wall making it look haphazard), mirrors might be the solution. If you have a wonky wall which is parallel to a perfect one, hanging a large garden mirror on the wall you don’t particularly like means not only will you cover the wall, but it will then also reflect the area of space which you do like — making it seem more symmetrical, as well as bigger.

Invest in a Zero Turn Mower for Your Lawn

You don’t have to worry about awkward spaces with a zero turn mower or being able to maneuver when you have limited space. If your garden sees difficult grassed areas to get to with a standard machine properly, a zero turn option can make it infinitely easier and ensure that your lawn is properly cut and all-matching no matter how awkward certain areas of your garden might be to navigate.

Cover Anything You Need to With Foliage 

There are some things you might not be able to change or replace, especially if they are a natural feature of your garden or property. What you can do, however, is cover them up as best you can. Foliage is a great way to perform a cover-up job without it seeming out of place. 

For cover-ups on walls and fencing, you could try creeper plants and vines to ensure foliage spreads naturally across the area you want covering. 

For minor things you may want to be out of view, you can simply use potted, standing plants to arrange around the area in question or grow some tall plants and flowers in a bed fully in front of the area you’d prefer to conceal. 

With these options, you don’t need to worry about an awkward garden you can’t do anything with — all it takes is a little creativity!