Kids are food lovers. Along with their age, their food habits develop according to their appetite. As a result of which their growth decreases. They prefer to eat more delicious foods, especially fast foods.

If not provided from home these children in order to satisfy their appetite take shelter of fast foods. The parents should therefore, encourage these kids to maintain a nutritional diet which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meats all cooked at home. They should motivate their kids to induce protein related foods which will supply energy.

In order to grab the attention of these kids towards homemade foods, parents should cook delicious foods for their children and keep them healthy. There are many delicious foods with which parents can attract them. It includes chicken noodle soups, homemade pastries, tomato butter spaghetti, various non-spicy fish items, chicken corn sandwich and many more.

Now in this section let us see some delicious food items that really attract the appetite of the kids which also at same time suit their healthy diet.

Dishes: Breakfast

Let us start from the very beginning, from breakfast. These food lovers kids often demand to have various and different kinds of breakfast. Therefore, the parents should be educated enough regarding various preparations of delicious food items.

In order to satisfy the taste of their kids, they should do certain research on various items which will suit their taste.

For example, in the case of breakfast they can try various kinds of sandwiches, spaghetti or various kinds of shakes. Sandwiches are mostly liked by the kids in their breakfast. The chicken corn sandwich can suit their appetite and satisfy their taste if prepared deliciously.

Alphabet pizza, chicken noodle soups, tomato butter spaghetti and many more can be a delicious breakfast for a kid. Therefore the parents can keep the above mentioned items as the breakfast meals as they are healthy food items and easy and fast to cook.

In our hurry life, these items can be a perfect breakfast for the school going students. On one hand it is a healthy breakfast and on the other hand, it suits their taste. Apart from these items various kinds of shakes and juices can also fill up the stomach of any kid.

Shakes include, chocolate shake, mixed fruit shake, biscuits shakes, mixed fruit juice and many others. As stated by one famous scholar “food is art and science, so, you take something out, you have to work with the recipe to make sure that you are providing delicious foods with cleaner levels”.

Therefore start cooking your meal with full dedication and love in order to create a healthy environment and educate your child to love homemade foods rather than fast or unhealthy foods. You do not have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces; just cook good food from fresh ingredients. Cakes and pastries can be another option for breakfast which is loved by all types of kids.

Sweets are usually preferred by the kids the most. Therefore try to prepare delicious homemade cakes and sweets so that the child often feels like to avoid the outside prepared sweets or pastries. “My mother is a brilliant cook who prepares cakes so yummy that I forgot to purchase any outside cakes from bakeries” says Tom who wrote post on best fish finder under 500.

Dishes: Lunch

In terms of lunch, you should encourage your child to have more and more fresh vegetables with fresh fish and chickens. You can prepare rice phulkas with some fresh vegetables or fish curries and it can be a stomach filling packed up meal which can give your child energy to work.

Egg can also be a best option in this regard. Some of the most delicious items usually preferred by the students in their lunch meals are summer rolls with peanuts, chicken burrito bowls with rice and beans.

Apart from this the protein salads with fresh juice, pulao rice or fried rice with chicken curries and many more can also be the best option. These items should be well prepared by their parents and they should motivate their child to have more and more vegetables and intake proteins.

Maintaining a healthy and nutritional diet chart is very much important in order to keep yourself fit and energetic. “I preferred to have a tight lunch box in order to fill my stomach which gives me energy to work back” says Michael who wrote review for best trimmer for balls.

Dishes: Dinner

While ending up the whole tiresome day dinner should be a delicious but light and healthy one. At dinner the children can have some chicken strue with bread or noodles. They also can try bacon or broccoli rice bowls, cheese garlic breads, beefy stuffed sweet potatoes, parathas with Chana daal and many other dishes.

Dinner can end up with some sort of sweet preparation which can be known as desert. Desert preparation may include some sort of sweets, fresh fruit custards, pancakes, puddings, and of course ice creams. Ice cream is a common thing liked by all types of kids.

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, tuity-fruity and other flavors of ice creams really attract the kids to complete their dinners. So therefore, there are a lot many delicious items all over the world which can be prepared at home to make it healthy and touch the taste of the kids. “I am in love with the ice creams specially prepared by my mother” says Umesh who wrote review on best flushing toilets.


Therefore it can be concluded that kids must be encouraged to have their homemade dishes and avoid the outside fast foods. There are various types of delicious food all over the world, try to make some of them in home by educating yourself through researches.

“I usually carry my lunch box carrying delicious food stuffs which provoke me to avoid the outside fast foods” says Geeta who is an expert in online poetry class.

In order to maintain your kids health you should prepare these items and parcel them in your kids tiffin box so that they can neglect the outside unhealthy foods.