As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach good qualities to your child. Cultural diversity is one such quality that should be on top of your checklist. As awareness around systemic racial inequality is growing, educating children about cultural diversity becomes critical. It will make them a better person without racial prejudices and openness to embrace every culture. While there isn’t a shortcut to teaching this crucial life skill to your child, some measures can set you on the right track. Adopt the mindset as a part of daily life and you can cultivate it into their roots. Here are some ways you can do it at home.

Be vocal about it

Being vocal with criticism of racial prejudice is the first step towards educating your child. If you see something amiss, point it out and explain why it is wrong. You can discuss it with your partner and make a joint effort towards instilling empathy in the young mind. It will be much easier to handle things subtly, so take a clear stance from the start. Aggression isn’t the right approach because it can take them on the wrong track. 

Be the example

Children pick their values from parents, so you can be the example they follow. If you show acceptance and respect for cultural diversity, it will be easy for the kids to replicate the mindset. Celebrate diversity by mingling with people from other cultures. Introduce them to your children and encourage interactions with their families and children. It will make your kids open and comfortable with the idea of living in harmony with everyone. 

Buy more culturally diverse toys

Value education for kids should start early, and parents can get creative with it. Buying culturally diverse toys such as african american puzzles gives them a good start. They will not see blacks and whites as separate groups when they play with such games and toys from an early age. Even as your child enjoys a simple game or puzzle, it trains and conditions their mind to overcome the feelings of inequality.

Watch more culturally diverse TV shows and movies

The education should continue as kids grow and graduate to other modes of entertainment like movies and TV shows. Choose ones that are more culturally diverse to reinforce the values taught with games and toys. Watch the shows and movies that highlight equality and harmony between people of different races, colors, and backgrounds. It is another subtle form of education you can rely on.

Make cultural diversity a part of life

Educating kids on cultural diversity is a lifelong practice, so make it a part of life. Opening them up to different cultures is easy. Travel to diverse places where they can explore different languages, foods, lifestyles, and cultures. Embrace diversity in daily life, from the food you cook to the clothes you wear and the décor items you have at home. 

Cultural diversity is a life skill, a moral value every child should possess. You can easily cultivate it in your child by adopting these simple measures.