Oral hygiene for your dog is as important as it is for humans. Your pet can suffer from serious life-threatening diseases like heart muscle, liver, and kidney damage- all thanks to poor oral hygiene. 

As per a report by American Veterinary Medical Association, around 80% of dogs display signs of canine periodontal diseases. 

Thus, ignoring good dental care at home should never be the case. After all, it’s more than sweet-smiling kisses- your dog tends to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. The next thing you’ll read is sure to bring a smile to your face. Yes, cleaning your canine companion’s teeth is a pretty simple process, even when you’re on a tight schedule. It would be best to see pearly whites- sparkling for the years to come. 

Can’t wait to ensure your dog’s dental health in a top-notch condition? Read on these tips to set a standard for your dog’s dental health. Let’s get going:

  • Brush their Teeth with a Nice Toothpaste:

One of the basic foundations of good oral health lies in brushing your dog’s teeth. Of course, it is as essential as brushing your teeth daily. 

Brushing their teeth once a week also suffices their need. Although the more, the better, let’s settle for less out here. Nevertheless, remember never to extend it more than a week. Your dog may not like it first, but they will learn to bear with it and appreciate regular teeth cleaning with time. 

Buy a toothbrush designed specifically for dogs. This can be the one with angled handles, multiple heads, and soft bristles. A toothbrush like this is necessary as it reaches all the crevices inside their mouth. Now select a toothpaste for dogs that comes in appealing flavours, made up of chicken, peanut butter, or beef. 

Experts suggest laying hands on different toothbrush and toothpaste combinations to evaluate what suits your pup the most. Establish a regular cleaning schedule as it can go a long way towards keeping their teeth clean. 

  • Nibble on Dog Dental Chews:

Dog dental chews are a perfect fit for stimulating your dog’s natural cravings and cleaning their teeth simultaneously. Also, your dog will be busy chewing their treats to save you troubles elsewhere. 

You can consider sticks that are healthy, long-lasting, and available for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. For instance, chews like bully sticks are all-natural, digestible, and consider a single ingredient. What’s even better is that these are great for cleaning teeth, minimize the buildup of tartar and plaque, and polishes your dog’s teeth, promising a sparkling shine. 

  • Dog Dental Spray:

Is your dog’s stinky breath causing you to miss upon those kisses and cuddles? Do you have only a limited amount of time for your dog’s dental health? If yes, then looking out for a dog dental spray can be an ideal option. 

These sprays are a must-have, especially if you wish to kill plaque-causing bacteria, eliminate odor, and prevent tartar. Know that most bouquets are pretty simple to use and all you’ve to do is spritz their teeth and gums. Dental sprays work wonders for your dogs when they don’t eat for half an hour before and after using a dental spray. 

The Verdict- Clean Now, Save After-time Troubles

Dental care can be challenging for both dogs and humans. But, proper maintenance is a money-saver key in the long run and can even be a lifesaver. Ignoring this can lead to costly as well as painful vet visits down the road. 

What’s even worse is that some dogs require anesthesia to have their gums and teeth cleaned when the buildup is terrible. Thereby, ensure keeping your dog’s mouth clean to see a dazzling white smile on your dog’s face!