Are you proud of your wine collection? Do you own a perfect storage cabinet? These pieces of furniture are worth the investment, as they store, protect, and showcase your bottles. Some models even have storage space for glassware, napkins, and a mini-fridge. 

The size of your wine collection and the spaciousness of your home determine the type of cabinet and features you need. These bars range from traditional to modern, enclosed to open. The purpose of such furniture is not only to display the beverages but also to protect them from sunlight and vibration.

The following guide will introduce you to the types and features of wine bar furniture.

Types of cabinets

There is a variety of wine cabinets offered to homeowners, designed to fit different space requirements. Homeowners whose living rooms have no extra space for an open bar should consider fully enclosed cabinets, which can also be used as tables. Individuals planning to move their bar around the house should select a model with casters. 

Moreover, homeowners looking for functionality paired with elegance should have a look at metal carts equipped with rolling casters. Conversely, wooden cabinets are more appropriate for homes with a rustic ambient, featuring open shelving. You can showcase your favorite wine bottles along with some chic pieces of décor. 

Open wine cabinets are recommended to homeowners whose houses are spacious enough to have a dedicated area for entertainment. These cabinets allow them to display their collection of beverages, glassware, napkins, and other liquor. Go to this site for an insight into eighteen types of wine glasses. Such furniture pieces are usually the focal point of the room where they are placed, which is why their style has to comply with the room décor. 

The cabinet you decide to purchase should provide copious storage but have clean lines. Dark wood open cabinets blend in remarkably with traditional homes owing to their vintage appearance. Unlike enclosed cabinets, their open counterparts seem more hospitable, thus attracting the attention of guests. It’s common for guests to feel tempted to approach these bars and pour themselves a glass of wine. 


It’s of essential importance for the bar furniture you buy to have some of the most popular features. For instance, it should have a sufficient number of wine racks for you to store all of your bottles. The size of your collection plays a major role when considering this feature. The average capacity of these cabinets is between twenty-five and thirty bottles. 

Furthermore, wine glass storage is another valuable feature, enhancing the look of the bar and keeping the glassware handy. Although it’s not very common, some cabinets have space for a mini-fridge. This feature appeals to many homeowners, as chilled bottles are ready for serving at any moment. 

In addition, a locking feature is necessary for everyone who wants to keep his/her collection protected and safe. The largest part of wine bar furniture delivers a stunning look and an array of practical features. The locking feature is absolutely useful for homeowners who wish to keep their collection out of the reach of their children. 

A built-in ice bucket is considered among the luxurious features, suitable for high-end home bars. Also, glass mirror backs are a nice idea for individuals who wish to place the focus on the displayed bottles. Lift-up drawers and foot railing are worth the attention. The former provides an additional surface area, while the latter makes stool sitting more comfortable for guests, as they can rest their legs. 

Storage rules

The storage and position of your bottles in the cabinet are of tremendous importance for the flavor of this beverage. The bottles should always be stores sideways for the wine to touch the cork. Consequently, the cork maintains constant moisture, indispensable for preventing air from entering the bottle and inducing oxidation. 

Additionally, oxidation is an enemy of wine quality, as it sours the beverage. Nevertheless, oxidation is less common in screw-top bottles, which keep air out better than corks. Bottles should never be left upside down either. In such cases, the sediment accumulates around the cork and alters the flavor of the drink. 

Last but not least, your bar cabinet should be placed in an ideal location in your home. The bottles shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays. Therefore, you should avoid placing it by a window. UV rays are believed to cause a chemical reaction with the beverage, which leads to a change in its aroma and taste. 

Also, it must be kept away from any type of vibration to avoid glassware and bottle breakage. This webpage,, reveals the most common mistakes when storing wine. 

In conclusion

Select the right bar furniture to protect and showcase your collection at the same time!