Have you ever tried kratom?

With benefits like reducing anxiety, boosting energy, and increasing focus, it’s no surprise that this plant-powered powder has become so popular! But, despite all of its great benefits, kratom really doesn’t taste very good.

There are some people out there who won’t mind – or might even like – the taste, but on the whole, it doesn’t have a great reputation for flavor. Luckily, there are ways to make it a lot better!

You can read a kratom tea guide here, and take a look at our guide on making kratom tea to discover how to turn your kratom from sour to sweet.

What is Kratom?

Kratom leaves are grown on the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is native to Southeast Asia. In fact, countries like Malaysia and Indonesia have been using kratom for hundreds of years as a herbal medicine! It’s made a little like green tea, with the leaves being picked at specific times and then ground into a very fine powder; and it’s that powder that you’ll buy. 

There are over 50 different strains of kratom, all of which fall under one of following three types:

  • Red vein
  • White vein
  • Green vein

Each strain has slightly different benefits, so it’s a good idea to look into them more as you consider using kratom. For example, red vein kratom has slight sedative effects, while white vein kratom is energy-boosting, so you wouldn’t want to get those two mixed up! It’s also smart to look into the side effects of kratom tea so that if you do have any negative experiences, you’ll know what’s okay and what you might need to get help with.

What is Kratom Used For?

Kratom is used for so many different reasons and by so many people! Here are just some of the effects of the different types of kratom that you might benefit from:

  • Reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism
  • Relieve pain (especially beneficial for those with chronic pain)
  • Energize you or help you sleep (depending on which strain you use)
  • Boost your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing
  • Increase your libido

But, be aware that there isn’t too much research into the benefits yet, so some of these are based on the experience of many people rather than evidence. 

How to Make Kratom Tea

Okay, now you know more about what kratom is, it’s time to get onto the tea! Kratom tea is a method used by lots of kratom-lovers as a way of getting those great benefits while reducing the naturally bitter taste. It’s a lot more palatable and can even be enjoyable when made properly!

To make yours, you’ll need:

  • 1 large pot
  • Cheesecloth or mesh strainer
  • Quality kratom powder
  • Around 1 liter of water

Start by adding the water into your pot and bringing it to a boil. Lower the heat and cool a little before adding either kratom powder or whole kratom leaves – whichever is your personal preference. Simmer the tea for around 20 minutes, adjusting the time depending on how strong you like your tea and the intensity of the benefits you’d like. 

Once the tea is brewed, pour it through your cheesecloth to remove the leftover powder or leaves. Pour the tea into a mug and add a sweetener and citrus juice. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your home-brewed kratom tea!

Tips For Making Kratom Tea 

As you can see, making kratom tea is very straightforward. However, there are a few extra tips to bear in mind to ensure your brew is of the highest quality. Here are the most important to remember. 

Don’t Use Boiling Water

Kratom is full of alkaloids, which is where a lot of the benefits come from. When making your tea, it’s vital you don’t use boiling water as you normally would as it will destroy a lot of the alkaloids, making your kratom tea redundant. Instead, boil your water and leave it to cool for a minute or two before brewing your tea.

Add Citrus Juice

Adding citrus juice to your kratom tea isn’t just about making it taste better (although it will!). Citrus will also help keep the alkaloids stable and prevent them from being released while you brew, maximizing the benefits. 

Your Kratom Tea Will Last Around 5 Days

If you were planning on brewing gallons of kratom, don’t – unless you can drink that all in 5 days! Even in the refrigerator, any longer than 5 days and your kratom will no longer be any good to drink. So, be aware of that as you brew and if you have some in the refrigerator be sure to drink it up quickly!

Start With a Low Strength

The more kratom you use in your tea, the more intense the effects will be. If you’re a newbie to the kratom world it’s best to use a small amount of kratom first and slowly increase it until you’re happy with the benefits. If you rush in with a high dose you could experience some side effects and be put off, which definitely isn’t good!

For your first mug of kratom tea, try around 1-2 grams of kratom. It’s always better to be cautious when your first try it. 

Know Where to Buy Kratom

Not all kratom will be the same quality, so when you buy kratom, pick the suppliers carefully. It’s crucial to do your homework by checking online reviews of the brand.

Additionally, ensure they openly share their third-party testing process on their website, which indicates transparency and reliability. Avoid any sites that appear untrustworthy or lack essential information about their products. This due diligence ensures you get a product that meets safety and quality standards, safeguarding your experience with kratom.

What Next?

Now that you know everything you need to about making kratom tea, you’re ready to start brewing! Remember, take it slow and steady at the beginning and keep a close eye on how your body reacts until you find your perfect dose.

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