As restrictions ease, it’s understandable that many want to get out and have a good time. Social isolation has created a deficit of connection, and many are keen to make up for the lost time. It’s Important to remember to stay safe whilst reconnecting; how can you do that?

Home parties 

If you’re planning a get-together at home, try to limit numbers initially. You could plan several parties so you can catch up with friends and families whilst remaining vigilant. You could try rearranging furniture, so people have space. Although the 2-meter rule may be relaxed, it’s still a good guide in these early days. 

Pamper party 

If you’re having the girls round, why not help out a local business and book a nice pampering session. Most mobile therapists arrive kitted out with PPE to reduce the risk of spreading anything.  Some people may prefer the idea of a home party rather than attending a salon.

Many businesses offer reduced prices for treatments with a variety of options such as massages, pedicures, manicures, and facials. Pamper parties are a wonderful treat and can help ease the stress and anxiety that may have been created due to the global pandemic. 

Food and drink 

What’s a party without lots of scrumptious snacks and few bottles of vino. Opt for easy-to-eat foods such as sandwiches, crisps, and biscuits and don’t forget the chocolates! You could buy a few bottles before the party, or head over to and order some bottles for delivery straight to your door, and you can split the cost and celebrate time spent together. Ask delivery drivers to keep their distance and place delivery items on the doorstep for minimal interaction. 

To help everyone feel comfortable, offer hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes when handling food. Place food on different surfaces to help people avoid too much close contact if necessary. It’s important to respect other people’s decisions and if some ladies want to wear a mask, don’t judge and be supportive. Everyone has been affected by the past year’s events and has a shared responsibility to help others feel safe and secure whilst socializing. 


What’s a party without music? Choose a playlist beforehand and try to include a selection of genres for everyone’s tastes. Make sure music stations are cleaned down or utilize wireless technology to avoid touching surfaces. 

Take the party outdoors 

For peace of mind, if the weather is nice, you could take the party outdoors. Set up seating or blankets on the grass and enjoy an old-fashioned picnic (albeit at home). For now, socializing outside is the safest option as the air circulates, making it harder to spread any germs. 

Then are many options for outside parties. You can take music or even set up an outside cinema. For your active mates, why not try some outside party games such as table tennis, giant Jenga, an old-fashioned photo booth,  or a homemade obstacle course. 

It’s time to enjoy the freedom of being together, and with a few things in place, you can enjoy the company safely.