COVID-19 is a new form of the Corona virus. It is a respiratory disease which can show several symptoms, including loss of taste and smell in the patient. The severity of these symptoms may vary from individual to individual. The most common symptoms of COVID include cough and shortness of breath. Additionally, a significant portion of the patients also report loss of their senses of taste and smell. 

To know more about this, let’s take a closer look at what causes the symptoms and how to test your sense of taste and smell during and after the COVID treatment.

Is the loss of taste and smell an early sign of COVID infection?

Not necessarily. Even common cold and flu affect our sense of taste and smell. An estimated more than 60% of patients suffering from flu or sinus infections experience loss of taste and smell too. Additionally, your sense of smell and taste are interlinked significantly. In fact, the loss of sense of smell can also cause you to lose the sense of taste too. 

However, with that being said, loss of taste and smell is also an indication of COVID infection. These symptoms in COVID are often accompanied by a stuffy or runny nose. Hence, it is possible that the loss of taste and smell may indicate to presence of COVID-19 infection. 

Thus, it is highly recommended to get yourself tested for Corona virus in case you experience these symptoms without any other explanation. You can get tested at many clinics, community testing centers, and drive-in locations. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting in line or potentially exposing yourself to the virus, you can get an at-home covid test in Georgia and many other US cities with a service such as Drip Hydration. You can get fast answers without leaving your house.

Is loss of taste and smell a common symptom?

Studies have shown that the loss of taste and smell is quite prevalent in many COVID cases. Research shows that the average loss of smell and taste occurs in over 41% of COVID cases, with around 38% prevalence. Patients in the senior age group reported lower prevalence of loss of taste and smell. 

How to test your sense of smell and taste?

If you notice significant loss in your sense of taste and smell, then you can perform a few simple tests at home to check whether the symptoms indicate to a COVID infection in you. 

These two tests will help you to check the level of loss in your sense of taste and smell:

  • Smell test – Choose foods with distinct and different smells. Food items, such as cinnamon, coffee beans or fresh garlic are helpful for this test. Besides, you can also choose fragrant items, such as scented candle or baby powder to check if you can taste their distinct scents.
  • Taste test – Consume foods with a distinct taste. For instance, you can use chocolate to check for sweetness, citrus for sourness, coffee for bitterness and pretzels for saltiness.

If you find it difficult to identify the particular taste and smell of these products, then this might indicate to loss of sense of taste and smell.


Although usually the loss of taste and smell in COVID can last for around 3 to 7 days, it is highly recommended to undergo a COVID test to ensure that you are not suffering from COVID infection. Choose a leading, reliable and trusted hospital for your COVID test so you can also ensure top-quality and effective treatment too.