Many of us have had to adjust to being stuck in lockdown this past year. Movie theaters have closed down, restaurants stopped having indoor dining, and coffee shops were not letting anyone inside. 

Romantic Date Couple

This is not a time to despair and give up on romance. If you are one of the many people stuck in lockdown, you may need some quarantine date ideas. Keep reading to get five great tips for your dates during lockdown!

1. Quarantine Date Ideas for Learning

Why not take this time to learn something new? Have you ever talked about wanting to know how to play a board game but never took the time? Games can make great date ideas, and most of them only take minutes to learn. 

Some games ask questions that you have to guess the answers to. You may learn some new things about each other in the process, and have some fun and laughter doing it. 

2. Read a Book Together

Why not pick a book to read together and then discuss the finer points over a dinner date at home? This can generate communication, and give you something new to talk about. It will be your book club for two.

Pick each other’s favorite book and read it. You might find it interesting to see why your partner loved that particular one so much. 

3. Make Cocktails

You don’t have to go out to have a good drink. Go online and find some drink ideas you would like to try. Make a cheese and fruit tray and you have an easy quarantine date. Have some fun with it and mix up a few different ones to sip on.

There are non-alcoholic versions of most drinks, such as non alcoholic sparkling wine, so finding something you both like won’t be hard. Throw in a little background music and you have a quiet nightclub.

4. Have Play Time

Having lockdown dates does not require giving up on romance. Break out the candles and wine, because you have all the time you need for intimacy with your partner. Get creative with adult toys and check out popular options for playtime to see what might suit your fancy.

Without being in a hurry, these special lockdown dates can help you know each other better. Taking the time to get playful might enhance the relationship.

5. Get in the Kitchen

Many of us have watched cooking shows and wished we had time to cook up those delicious looking meals. Creating dates during lockdown means you now have time to get out all those ingredients and get to work. 

Make it fun by getting your partner involved. Before you know it, you will have a rhythm down and prepare a great meal to enjoy together.

Finding a Balance

All five of these quarantine date ideas will have you creating memories and spending more quality time together. It is about finding the balance between what you enjoy and what you are both interested in. 

Date ideas don’t have to be hard. With a little planning and time, you will be on your way to an awesome quarantine date in the comfort of your home. Check out our other articles for tips on building great relationships!