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Being a mom is so special, but it also means many sleepless nights and selfless moments. Most moms can relate to being exhausted and stressed. I remember one of the hardest times being when I had a newborn and a toddler, but even now that my kids are older, we are always busy and tired. I find that while I still tend to be busy and stressed, taking some moments for myself does help me feel better!

It took me a while to learn self care. I had many sleepless nights and spent too much time stressing over things like cleaning and not asking for help. I wish I had spent more time taking care of myself!

Self care is such an important thing for moms. It renews us, refreshes us, even if just for a little bit. Here are some tips for some quick self-care things you can do!

Hair, nails, makeup

My routine changed a lot when I became a mom. When you don’t have kids, it is easy to have time to do things like your hair or nails. Not so much when you have little ones! It can feel so good to take some time to style your hair. Same goes for nails and makeup.

Wear something special

As a mom, most of us like to dress comfortably. And that’s totally fine! But it can feel good to wear something special or accessorize every so often. This could be a special outfit, a nice pair of shoes, jewelry, etc. I remember not wearing necklaces for a while because when my kids were babies, they would pull on them. It makes it a nice treat to dig out the diamond necklace you got as a gift, or perhaps some dangly earrings you might not otherwise wear because your baby would yank on them.

Quiet time / alone time

Sometimes it takes some quiet time to be able to unwind. For me personally, I am at work with people during the day, and my kids are with me at home otherwise. It is good for me to take a break from noise and interaction. While I love my kids, most of us moms can relate to constant contact and noise. It helps to have some quiet moments to decompress. You could also get some noise reducing headphones and enjoy some music, a podcast, or your favorite show. Some other ideas include reading, sitting outside, and going for a walk.

Bath or shower

Taking a nice hot bath or shower is a great way to both get in some alone time, as well as feel refreshed. I don’t know how many times I have had a headache, and a long, hot shower has made me feel so much better. I get migraines a lot, and surprisingly, taking a shower can reduce or even take away a headache. Not only that, but if you time it before bed, it can help you get better sleep. You can stock up on some relaxing bath bombs so that you can take full advantage of the benefits of a hot bath.

Treat yourself

What kinds of things do you enjoy? A special drink from a cafe, a couple chapters of a book. Indulging in a favorite thing can add some happy moments to the day. Some other ideas could be an episode of your favorite show or enjoying a hobby. Think about having some treats you set aside for when you can get some “me time”, like flowering tea or nice chocolate.

Chat with a friend or family member

Connecting with someone in person or giving someone a call can be a wonderful stress reliever. Perhaps you want to talk to another mom who can relate to your baby crying all night. Or you just want to chat with a good friend or your parents. Being a mom can be isolating, and staying in touch with others is good for you.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being a mom can be tough, and if you have a support system, use it!