The Korean commitment to skincare is soft, and washing is no exception. The double cleaning procedure not only removes waste products and sludge from your skin, but it does so in a gentle manner. 

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This ensures that intense cleaning should not weaken the natural immune system. The skin is not drained of all oils, including the strong, healthy oils that help preserve and maintain the skin’s protection. This is most evident in leading Korean Skincare brands like BEAUTY OF JOSEON, COSRX, 3CE, The Face Shop and Laneige.

Gentle washing ensures the skin is purified while still being fed and clothed, healthy, and moisturized, which improves avoid skin irritation or sensitization. One of the best ways to know what is best for the skin is getting real reviews from real people, so as to understand the best.

Below are some real reviews from real people and their recommendations for the types of products to use for skin care regime.

Oil-based cleansers

The Difference Between Oil-Based Cleanser And Water-Based Cleanser

Oil-based cleansers remove oil-based particulates such as lipstick, perfume, and extra sebum while being gentle on the skin’s oil balance. Oil-based cleansers are a healthier option to cosmetics cleansers, which may be sticky, and the oil in an oil-based cleaning agent does many things: 

It goes deep into pores and pulls out all the dried gunk; it dissolves and disintegrates makeup, and it moisturizes the skin. It disperses and falls down mascara, including persistent protective lipstick, and brushes back hyperpigmentation. 

However, an oil-based exfoliator still contains water as softens the body, and it does not rob the skin of the protective oils that protect your body safe and your sebum secretion controlled.

Water-based cleanser

A water-based cleanser can remove pollutants that oil-based cleansers cannot, and using a water-based cleanser after an oil-based cleanser allows brush out any residual stains from either the oil-based exfoliator. 

The combination of the two cleansers completely cleanses the skin. One thing to bear in mind is that water-based cleaning products have a record for being rubbing and squeezing.


Korean Toners 101: Everything About That Hydrating, Prepping Step

Since we talk of toners in the Korean beauty regimen, we’re referring to Korean toners, that are not the same as Western toners. They’re relatively mild and more softly prepared, as is typical of 

Korean skincare products and they offer the very first level of water intake in a skincare routine. They aren’t astringent, alcoholic toners. They are meant to stabilize and moisturize rather than dry it out as an astringent.


Essences have long been such a crucial component of the Korean beauty ritual — plenty of us recall using essentials before we had even known why; we only did that because our mothers wanted us to. 

They’ve become a subject of consternation in the West, even for skincare experts. Skin functions in a similar manner. Before you even prepare your body with essence, the principle submerges your skin with hydration, enhancing your skin’s right to consume the remainder of your skincare products routine’s beauty. 

Consider how shriveled a dry substrate is when we’re on the subject of sponges. Then consider how it becomes noticeably curvier and clearer when it has been adequately lubricated.

Ampoules and serums

Serums are more abundant in their essential oils; these moisturizing cream gel-like products often contain heavy-hitting ingredients designed to target and cure skin problems such as dark spots, acne, and blandness. Serums generally have a much more viscous feel than essences.

Creams for the eyes

Our Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles Under the Eyes - L'Oréal Paris

Although eye creams differentiate from skincare products in that they contain substances that identify particular problems for the eye region, one of the most important roles they perform is in hydrating and securing the fragile eye area.

 It’s fine to use an eye cream either during moisturizer – whichever works best for your regimen depending on the face wash and body lotion you’re using.

 However, we usually consider adding an eye cream preceding your cleanser so that the eye region is handled before your body lotion, which you can still add over your eye area if that is your choice for your specific moisturizer.


Moisturizing is simply providing skin with the water it requires to stay, well, hydrated. But the thing with skin is that it’s translucent, which means that when you’re in an extremely dry setting or if you’ve breached your immune system, all that water intake you just packed in? 

Much of that would disappear into the breeze, makes your skin dry, maybe much drier than when you first started. Moisturizers do provide moisture to your skin, but it’s essential to remember that they arrive third, after super-hydrating ingredients like essences, serums, and oils, since certain creams contain occlusives. 

Occlusives are additives that form a hydrophobic coating on the surface of the skin, which is a fancy way of suggesting that they form a seal by applying a protective layer.


Exfoliators are classified into two types: physical and chemical.

A physical exfoliator is a contoured material or instrument that solvent evaporates away from the uppermost piece of skin; we’re talking about sugar scrubs, cleaning towels, removing gels, dermaplaners, and other products that, well, exfoliate. 

If used correctly, tactile exfoliators provide instant results — baby-soft, clean skin that you can see. A chemical exfoliator does not only work on the skin’s surface; it also penetrates the deeper underlying tissue and cleanses the skin from inside. 

You can also combine different types of acids since, as you will soon discover, they each function in very various ways, but you can look for both the form of acid that fits best your skin texture requirements.

Sleeping Masks / Sheet Masks

Korean Sheet Masks For Acne Prone | Oily | Sensitive | Aging Skin - YouTube

Sheet masks do two aspects: they infuse your skin with hydration and other active, advantageous additives, and they form a shield over your skin, allowing certain active, helpful oils to sink deeper into your skin. 

The sheet cover, which is usually saturated in essence, prevents any of the hydration wrapped into the essence from actually dissolving out into the air.


The top Korean skincare regimen is one of the most successful methods that has rapidly changed. This practice is determined not by the number of items you own, but by how you layer them. Although each movement is critical in this practice, it is rather adaptable. 

All you have to do is figure out which ingredients would work best on your skin type – oily, allergic, or dry.