It is no secret that every parent wants the best for their children. They love to see them grow from pure, innocent souls to a successful person. However, sending them to schools is not always enough. Parents must also play their part in the child’s growth and development. Perhaps, you can try some fun-filled activities with your children at home to enhance their intelligence and boost confidence.

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Engaging children in a fun activity for learning and development can help develop a strong bond between parents and children. Do you wish to take part in your child’s development? If your answer is ‘yes,’ you have just come to the right place. Below is the list of some exciting activities that you must consider to help your kids learn and grow in a fun-filled environment:


How many poems have your child learned up till now? Children usually learn few verses in their primary classes, and they might even love it. However, when it comes to music, the sky is the limit. You can spare some time with your kids to indulge in musical activities and increase their love for music. Playing musical games with children can spark interest in them for learning more about music.

Are you struggling with hectic job responsibilities and don’t have time to teach your kid music? Or worse, you have no basic knowledge of music? In that case, consider enrolling your child in any school that provides music lessons for kids to help them gain a deep understanding of different musical instruments. Allow your child to explore a more creative form of learning to improve concentration, self-confidence, creativity, and expression skills. 


No wonder Lego blocks have been children’s play for ages and will not stop any soon. However, it is to note that lego blocks are not just any toy. They help children gain some valuable skills – reading out instructions and following them will make your child more disciplined. 

Your child can also learn a little bit of mathematics while playing with these blocks. It is because they might need to do minor calculations to complete the activity. Thus, you must motivate your children to play with Lego blocks and discover their mathematical and creative talents. 


Does your child know how to count or tackle numbers? If not, they might be missing a significant part of their development. Teach your kids to count numbers, not just one to ten but a lot more. Counting is a great way to enhance your child’s cognitive abilities and make them an expert in frequent calculations. 

Are you worried that your child might feel bored with counting lessons and run off? No worries, here is the trick. Ask your kid to count the number of socks in a cabinet, or make them count the number of stairs they took every day. The activity will help your child learn while having fun.


Are you frustrated that your child is making a mess out of colored pencils? Chances are your child loves to play with colors and is drawing different abstracts or designs at other places in the house. How about you take their passion for coloring to the next level? Provide your child with a coloring book to showcase their love for art in that book. Coloring can help your child develop motor skills that are essential when they start writing. Coloring is also the best way to relax, so teach coloring to your child so they can unleash the inner artist within them. 


Let’s be honest; gardening isn’t just planting a seed in a pot and expecting something to grow. Teach your child science and nutrition lessons by encouraging them to learn gardening. Even if you don’t have a huge backyard where you could grow various plants, you can engage your child in looking after a single plant. 

Gardening helps children learn how vegetables, flowers, or fruits grow. Who knows, your child might become fond of eating different vegetables during this process. Since gardening is a time-consuming process, making your child learn this skill might develop patience in their personality. 


Developing your child’s writing skills can help your child step up on the career ladder. Are you thinking of buying a simple notepad and pencil to let your child practice writing? That might not be a wise decision. Your kid might get bored with dull pages and simple pencils.

If you wish to unlock your child’s writing passion, you might want to go the extra mile. Try to be creative when indulging your kid in the writing activity. You can designate a table, buy colorful pages, different colored markers, and envelopes to make the activity more enjoyable. With all these tempting materials in hand, your child is more likely to spend some quality time practicing writing. 

Writing is an excellent way to express emotions, explore ideas, and learn vocabulary, so make sure your child finds it enjoyable and not a burdening task. 


Reading habit, without any doubt, is one of the best gifts one could get. Teach your kids to read regularly at least one page to improve their brain cells and knowledge. By reading a story to your child, you can help them develop, learn the language, get acquainted with sounds and words. Reading helps build literacy skills in your child, and they would understand the value of books and newspapers.

Make sure your child isn’t only reading storybooks; they must also enjoy reading informative books. These books help them learn about different cultures and gain historical knowledge. Try to create a peaceful environment while your child is reading to pay full attention. Designate a reading chair where you and your child feel comfortable in your reading routine. Also, switch off television or any other gadget to avoid any disturbance.


Taking part in these fun-filled activities not only helps in your child’s development but also encourages you to spend quality time with your family. No matter which activity you choose for your kid, make sure your kid enjoys that. Be mindful, don’t start all activities at once. It might get challenging for your child, hence making it less interesting. A best practice is to schedule each activity alternatively to let your child enjoy them to the fullest.