So you’ve decided to sell your property and have a ballpark price in mind. You might even have some offers on the table already, but they’re not matching the number you want.

Assuming your property is in good shape, with no major structural damage, there is something you can do to significantly increase the value of your property, without breaking the bank: A new exterior paint job. Learn more about finding the proper exterior painters.

First Impression Is Everything 

Think back, can you remember the first time you saw your property? Hold that thought. Now compare your memory to the current state of your property’s exterior paint job. If you’ve maintained or enhanced the quality of the property’s exterior paint job, then your sale should be just a matter of time. But if the exterior paint looks worn and faded, then you might be in for a long, painful, and expensive wait.

Value Is Subjective

You know all the time and money you’ve put into your property. However, whatever price you believe is a fair reward for your investment and the sacrifices you might have made for this property, isn’t what the market sees. Potential buyers and investors only see what’s in front of them, and even though their vision isn’t clouded by emotion or sentiment, they’re still human beings that are highly driven by their senses. Let’s say your property is located in an ideal area and has all the physical features that are desired by potential buyers and investors. With all those “positives”, the value of your property can still be severely diminished by having a faded paint job, or significantly increased with high-quality exterior painting. 

Professional Exterior Painting 

If after consulting with your realtor, you determine that it’s best to get the exterior of your property re-painted for the sale, you need to be careful in selecting the right House Painters to carry out the project. It has to be done properly, as a brand new shoddy paint job can be just as detrimental to the value of your property as one that’s worn and faded. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

What are the trending colors and tones for exterior painting in your area? That’s a question you should be asking. Don’t just assume because you like a given color scheme and the property has been painted this way for years, that the market will view it favorably. Remember, potential buyers and investors are taking a risk, so it’s up to you to offer an investment that meets their preferences, not yours. Trying a new color scheme for the exterior painting of your property might be the right decision, and could very well be the difference between your property being sold relatively quickly, or stuck with a “For Sale” sign, leaving you to settle for a lower price. 

Many real estate markets have experienced softening since the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, sellers must be wise in adapting to market conditions. It’s in your best interest to give buyers and investors a great first impression by ensuring your property’s exterior paint job meets or exceeds what they’re looking for, which could lead to a quick and lucrative sale.