One thing that all parents know for certain is that their children seem to grow at an alarming rate. The other thing that is certain is that kids are tough on their clothes. How can hard-working parents get the most out of the money that they spend on their kids’ wardrobes? It may seem like a fruitless task, but there are many things that you can do to help your children’s clothes last longer.

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When your child is an infant, they may only wear special outfits once before they miraculously grow out of them. These clothing types can be recycled, handed down, or converted into other uses that can utilize the fabrics. For toddlers and young kids, it can be a bit dicier, as these clothes can take a beating.

Crawling on their knees and playing outdoors while discovering their new world can take a toll on your kid’s clothes. Buying high-quality fabrics like the clothing from Baby Riddle, mending regularly, and minimizing washing cycles can all help to extend the life of your kid’s clothes. Let’s look at a few ways that you can help your kid’s clothing to last longer.

Buy Quality

Buying quality clothing items that are made from durable fabrics can help them last. Quality fabrics may cost a bit more, but if they hold up to the beating that a toddler will dish out, it will be worth the money. Choosing a few crucial wardrobe pieces like pants, a few tops, and a coat that is of the best quality can help you create a durable wardrobe that will last. Buying fewer clothes will also reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing the strain on the earth’s natural resources.

Careful Washing

The most important aspect of making your child’s clothes last longer is taking good care of them. Washing less often, using the cold water wash cycle, and allowing them to air dry can help your kid’s clothes to stay in great shape. The washing cycle of clothing can itself cause a lot of wear and tear. By choosing to treat your kid’s clothing with care and reducing the amount of washing abuse, you can preserve the fabrics’ look and integrity for much longer.


Kids are notoriously tough on their clothes. You will end up with rips, runs, and tears in clothes that will make them look worn. When you find a rip or tear, don’t rush to throw the item out. With just a bit of effort and sewing know-how, you can repair your child’s clothes and make them as good as new. You can get creative with patching for more prominent stains or damaged areas, creating a whole new look for a potentially ruined piece of clothing. When you see small damage, don’t wait to start mending, as washing and wear will always make the damage worse.


When your child grows out of their clothes, they can still serve a useful purpose. Recycling and reusing the fabric from your child’s too-small outfits can help extend the material’s lifespan. You can cut down the fabric into squares to make a memory quilt or use patches of fabric as dusting clothes or rags around the house. For clothing items that are in good shape, you can donate them to a charity, shelter or hand them down to a family member or friend to be used again.

Children’s clothes can be expensive, so it’s crucial to get your money’s worth out of them. By following these tips, including buying quality fabrics and doing regular mending, you can help your child’s clothes look great and last longer.