Brushing your pet’s coat— every pet owner practices this. But brushing them regularly? Not many adhere to this recommendation. At least, not yet. There are benefits this practice can give your pawed bud, beyond de-tangling hair strands. 

See long haired dogs brushes and be amazed at what regularly brushed hair will do for your pets.

Why Brush Your Dog’s Hair Regularly? 

1. DIY-Grooming 

First and foremost, the reason why dog owners are encouraged to brush their furry friend’s hair is for grooming purposes. They’ll look good! An unkempt coat can be unsightly, regardless of dog breed. 

Something as simple and practical and fur-brushing will tame unnecessarily frizzy hair. And this, paired with quality shampoo and conditioner, will give your dog a groomed-up look all day, every day. 

2. It’s All About Natural Oils 

You’ve probably heard about this, how our (yes, human beings’) skin’s natural oils are key to moisturization. Ergo, the key to good skin. Well, the same is true with your dog. The oils in their pores are what hydrate their skin, naturally. 

Brushing spreads these natural oils. It also prevents pore-clogging of the same. You can say goodbye to grease and dirt accumulation on their skin and hair and say hello to a shiny coat. That’s all-natural moisturization without constantly relying on synthetic products. 

3. No To Shedding 

Though some forms of coat-shedding are linked to skin conditions, most are actually due to a lack of hair-brushing. That’s right. Your dog’s constant shedding of hair, and you finding strands around furniture and carpets, can be dealt with stress-free. All it takes is some TLC for their fur and the right hairbrush. 

Brushing gets rid of dead and/or stray hair. In effect, it impedes shedding. At the onset, you’ll be able to spot dislodged hair (from their roots) while brushing. This allows you the room and the time to dispose of them immediately. 

Soon, you’ll notice less and less hair-shedding with regular brushing. 

4. Stop Hair-Matting 

Dogs with matted hair have owners who do not make time for them. Those clumps of dry and rough fur are there because your pets are lacking in coat care. Straight to the point. But don’t be disheartened. This can be prevented by simply brushing your pet’s hair. That’s all there is to it. 

This one’s not only about aesthetics (although that’s the most obvious effect). It’s also about your pet’s comfort. Matted hair can be unpleasant, to say the least. And when left untreated, they can worsen by causing pain, especially when scratched. 

5. Spot Those Parasites 

Another practical benefit of brushing your dog’s hair is that it’s a manual approach to spotting bugs and parasites hiding beneath their coat. Sometimes, anti-parasite shampoos don’t do the work 100%, which is why said manual bug-checking is necessary. 

Once spotted, you can quickly remove them and apply vet-recommended anti-pest ointments and/or salves to keep them away. 

6. Spot Skin Conditions 

Similar to the above, brushing is a manual method of inspecting your dog’s skin. By brushing, you can examine your pet’s skin to check for rashes, flakiness, redness, and the like.