Pregnant women and persons with disabilities often deal with stress-induced emotions, which is bad for their overall health. 

For expecting mothers, pregnancy is a life-altering phase filled with anxieties. Chakra healing exercises and deep breathing can improve their well-being before and after their delivery.

On the other hand, PWDs continued their daily lives challenged by incapacities. Not only does disability hinder them from doing various activities, but it also scores tremendous strains on their mental health. Meditation helps ease their minds and focus on positivity and achieving wellness.

Benefits of Chakra Meditation

Before anyone could harness the benefits of this practice, it is essential to understand different chakra meanings and the basics.

Make An Individual Feel Secured

The root chakra is where every meditation starts. Healing the root assists in overcoming the fear of pregnancy and boosts a PWD’s survival instinct. Channeling your breathing at the base of your spine and visualizing the color red begins the circulation.

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for willpower. Physically, healing this chakra improves digestion. Its role in mental health concentrates on enhancing self-esteem and keeping an individual happy through hardships.

Helps Individuals Accept Changes In Their Bodies

Strengthening the sacral chakra through meditation helps in fortifying the mood and balancing female hormones. The heart chakra, on the other hand, promotes acceptance.

The healing process of these chakras leads to a happier and more confident pregnancy. It also aids those who fear unwanted changes to embrace this natural motherhood phenomenon instead of letting their emotions go haywire.

People with disabilities or special needs individuals often find their condition a significant disadvantage, especially for females. Breathing exercises that focus on the sacral chakra encourages sensuality, pleasure, and enthusiasm, which explores the art of self-awareness—meanwhile, the heart chakra and green visualization battle depression.

Enhances Communication And Connection 

Focusing the breathing at the throat chakra imbibes positive thoughts, communication, and knowledge. The third eye chakra is tied to intuition.

The synergy of this chakra is highly beneficial to the mother and child relationship during pregnancy. Studies show that a baby may understand the mother instead of just hearing her. Also, the visualization power coming from the third eye chakra assists in a smooth birthing process and possibly envision the child with the mother’s desired qualities. Involving these chakras in meditations forms a strong attachment.

Lastly, the healing crown chakra produces endorphins that enlighten the mood. It fosters imagination and spiritual awakening, which are vital elements in maintaining a peaceful and contented life.

Where To Find Help

Basic exercises are available online. But for extensive training, some yoga experts offer private chakra healing sessions for pregnant women. You may also download apps containing quick instructions and guides.

Selectability NDIS Townsville advises that before jumping into therapy, participants or their guardians should inquire if they have entitlements to chakra healing and other expenses related to their disabilities or special needs. Participants can ask their support coordinator to connect them to an accredited guided meditation provider.