You’ve probably read about both models and couldn’t really pinpoint the differences. Well, no worries because we will dissect the two that way you have a better understanding and can decide which works best for you. If this is the first-time hearing about this brand, then you’ve come to the right spot. Total Gym is one of the best at home fitness brands out there. One thing that is different from any other gym is that with this brand, you use your own physical weight which makes it less likely for you to harm any joints in the body. If you want to intensify your workouts, you can adjust the resistance by changing the incline. Also, if you are looking to tone up your entire body, this brand offers upper and lower body workouts, core exercises, cardio, HIIT, and low intensity workouts. Out of all the models, the two which are the most similar to one another is the FIT and XLS. Below we will go over the differences between the Total Gym XLS vs Fit, so you know where you’re putting your money. 


This model is older than the FIT. It still offers you a full body workout but this specific one would be best for beginners as it is the most basic model. It can hold a lot of weight, 400lbs is the capacity to be exact so you can see that it is a strong and durable machine. Another nice fact about this is that there is no need for you to assemble. It already comes set up so if you’re not a handyman, you don’t need to worry; just take out of the box and unfold. 


This model is the upgraded version of the FIT. It is the newest one that’s come out and offers more options for resistance and additional attachments. It is very similar to the XLS, but it has been upgraded to a contemporary look and the capacity for this one is 50lbs more. The price of course is going to cost more with all the upgrades that have been done. 

The Biggest Differences Between XLS and FIT

Because of all the upgrades the FIT has, the price difference between the two is around $600. FIT which again is the upgraded version of XLS offers 5 more exercises, it has double the resistance levels of XLS, it can hold up to 50lbs more, there is an extra feature attached to it, offers more exercise examples, and weighs two pounds less. As far as the warranty and dimensions, those are pretty similar. They both offer a lifespan warranty on the frame if you purchase it on their website. The only difference between the two when it does come to that is when you look at the parts. On the XLS model you have a six-month warranty and on the FIT model you have two years, that is a big difference!

How They Work

Not only does the FIT model come with more exercises, but it also comes with a board that is much more comfortable than the one on the XLS. FIT also comes with a system to adjust height making it easier to go from one exercise to the next. Both models, however, give you the results you are looking for in a fun and different way. 

What’s Included?

Both of these models come with the same attachments. The only difference is that the FIT comes with one more which is the Abcrunch. If you have the XLS model and you decide to purchase that attachment separately, it would be an additional $100 that will come out of your pocket. Also, the area for squats in the FIT version has been upgraded. 

Variations of Resistance

Total Gym XLS comes with 6 levels. Total Gym FIT comes with double the amount making it easier for one to adjust from one level to the next without a drastic jump. 


The height limit for these two models is similar. If your 6’5 or less, you should be good. If you are taller than that, you might still be able to use the machine. Trying it out beforehand would probably be recommended, that way if you’re too tall and it doesn’t work out, you can get your funds back within the 30 days. 


If you ever have any issues with the product, their customer service is fairly good. Make sure you read about the product and warranty beforehand though, that way you have no issues.

Why is the FIT model much more Expensive?

The reasoning for the price difference is because of all the upgrades that have been done, additional functions, and more exercise plans Total Gym FIT offers. Purchasing these models straight from the site, gives you the option for a one-month trial period if you just put down $1. There are other sites that offer these products but probably won’t give you the option for a warranty so definitely take advantage from the original source. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, both these products are great! It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend and how often the product will be used. Total Gym is by far one of the best at home gym options out there!