There is a part of everyone that happens to be a late-night snacker or a snack eater in general, and, depending on your eating habits, it can end up causing a lot of weight gain. There is a fantastic underrated snack that is healthier than most options, like greasy chips or fatty cookies: crackers.

If you are a snacker, you know that plain crackers, like saltines and Triscuits, are incredibly boring to eat, and that’s why many people steer away from them when they open the snack cabinet. But, there is a way to get the health benefits from snacking on crackers, but eliminate how boring they are: toppings. There are many healthy spreads to put on crackers that make them just as easy as any other cabinet foods but still a healthier option. 

Bacon Jam 

It may sound crazy, but it has become a common trend to put bacon on sweeter foods if you think about it. For example, many ice cream joints created a bacon flavor of ice cream, and Dunkin’ Donuts had a frosted bacon-flavored donut. Many of these obscure flavors have been very successful. 

It all traces back to the old flavor pallet of salty and sweet combined. Several different dishes have pulled it off, but now it has evolved into a crazy and wacky spreadable flavor that can be put on crackers and toast. Not to mention bacon jam takes the bore out of eating regular crackers.

Cheese Spreads 

You have to mention the classics when talking about toppings to put on crackers, and the classics have to be different cheese spreads. Cheese spreads come in all different shapes and sizes. They can vary from expensive cheese blends that you can use fancy cheese spreading knives, the whole way to sprayable cheese in a can. 

The amount of variety that occurs with cheese makes it so great to have as a topping on a light snack. If you ever get bored of a particular cheese, you can choose another one. 


One of the most underrated cracker toppings has to be assorted meats. You can put all different kinds of various meats on crackers to spice up your flavor pallet. Plus, several cores have had several different flavors, so you will never get bored. 

Being a snacker is extremely common in today’s society. Still, if you choose to snack on unhealthy foods, it could lead to unhealthy life habits; for example, if you grab a midnight snack, and it happens to be cookies, you may binge a TV show and finish the whole box. Then you might wake up in the morning, feel bloated, and not want to exercise. After that, the cycle continues. 

If you choose a healthier snacking option, you are more likely to feel energized and ready to attack the next day instead of not wanting to be a part of it. It is small choices like these that can make or break your daily life, plus there are options around the bore of eating healthy. A great opportunity, of course, being crackers and toppings.