Women may find the tools that men commonly use to be challenging to handle. This makes it hard for them to carry out DIY activities such as simple house renovations or farm activities. So if you are just curious about the best lightweight tools for women, you are on the right page. 

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Not that there are women who are comfortable using any tool, but who doesn’t prefer a lighter tool? Below you will find Makita tools that will offer the best service. See more to buy online Makita tools.

Lightweight Makita Tools

The 12V Brushless Drill Driver

This is the best tool for you if you want to go compact and lightweight. The drill driver is a common preference for both serious DIYers and pros. The tool is less than 6 inches tall and weighs just 2 pounds. Unlike the previous brushed version, the brushless drill driver makes a larger hole with high speed, given the unique footprint and features. 

Besides, the kit comes with 2.0 Ah batteries and costs less than $100. You have the option of getting a combo with two batteries and an extra driver for less than $200. It is one of the best tools that balance its value and performance. Remember that there is still a hammer drill of the same version.

The Circular Saw

This is the tool we rarely use, but you may need it in your daily chores. However, if you don’t feel comfortable using the circular saw, you should seek further guidance. 

Nonetheless, the power tool is best for cutting through thick wood, so you should take extra care as it would be devastating on your body. If you find that you need this tool, Makita tools offer an excellent lightweight model but with the right power to do some serious lumbering. 

The Lightweight Jigsaw

The lightweight jigsaw is a handy tool that you need to have in your home depot. Sometimes you need to cut around something and make different shapes, and that’s where the tool shines. You have the option to buy a corded or cordless jigsaw, although the cordless is portable and easier to use. 

The Socket Set

You will find that most of the things you need to renovate or repair around your compound have nuts or bolts attached. Although you can use pliers to adjust or remove the nuts forcefully, the socket set will get the job done quickly and easily. Notably, the set is a kit with numerous tools to make drill adjustments and tighten grips. 

The Sander Tool

The best offered by Makita tools is the random orbital sander that moves with variable speed and wiggles in different ways. You can use this tool to remove wood and a dust bag that collects all the sawdust in the process. 

The fact that these tools are lightweight makes them comfortable even for women in their DIY projects. Ensure you observe all precautionary measures when using these tools. Most of the instructions are found on the manual, but you can always seek clarity from the vendor.