It seems that Dubai – a place only for the rich, but that’s not true. This is a big and vibrant city, which can find a place for everyone. Moreover, the most famous attractions – gorgeous skyscrapers, which you can look at for free, just walking around town. You can start saving before you start your trip – by buying the tour online. It is certainly better than buying tickets and booking a hotel separately.

We tell you what other tips for a budget holiday in the UAE.

1. Use public transport and government cabs

Dubai has a very well-developed public transport system. There are two subway lines and a large network of bus routes. There are several types of cards for travel, the red one is the best for tourists. It costs 2 dirhams and with unlimited daily trips – 20 dirhams. It is also possible to pay for each trip separately. The price will depend on the number of zones you cross: 4 dirhams for one zone, 6 for two zones, 8,5 for three zones. It’s easy to get to the airport by public transport: there are Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Terminal 3 metro stations, free shuttles run between the terminals. The historic Al Fahidi neighborhood and the Dubai Creek sea canal are in the same area as the Burj Khalifa and the Sail Hotel. But to get from the center (Dubai Mall) to the airport, you have to cross 2 zones.

There is an affordable public cab Dubai Taxi Corporation in Dubai. It costs 5 dirhams to the board and you pay from 1,82 dirham per kilometer according to the meter. And if you want to take a ride in a luxury car, the cheapest way to rent it is

2. Enjoy free sightseeing

See the amazing Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper on the planet, and an image of Dubai, totally for free. Walk around and track down the most terrific plot for a photograph. Near the Burj Khalifa is an immense dancing fountain. Beginning from 6:00 p.m. the show runs each half hour and anybody can watch it as well. This is a fascinating performance, which absolutely won’t leave you indifferent. Here the biggest outlet “Dubai Mall” is located. Visit it regardless of whether you don’t have to purchase anything — just to estimate the scale.

3. The best beaches in Dubai are free.

The free city beaches are much better than the private hotel beaches. Snow-white sand, azure sea, and gorgeous views – it is from the public beaches that the famous Burj Al Arab sailboat hotel is best admired. All beaches are equipped with showers, toilets, cabins for changing. For a fee, you can rent an umbrella and a sun lounger, but come with your own towel is not prohibited. If you like noisy and lively beaches, go to Jumeirah Beach Residence. For those who prefer a quieter holiday, go to Black Palace Beach, just to the north. From Jumeirah Public Beach you can get a good view of the hotel sails. Near each of these beaches, there is either a subway station or a bus stop.

4. Buy your groceries in supermarkets.

In a Dubai supermarket, you can buy both fresh produce and already cooked food. You’ll spend a lot less on food than you would in restaurants and cafes. In stores Spinneys and Lu Lu a huge selection of ready-made food at average prices, everyone will find something for themselves. The world-famous Carrefour chain has a wide variety of groceries and low prices. For health-conscious citizens, local Union Coop and Organic Shop offer fresh and organic food.

5. Don’t be afraid of the street food and small cafes

Dubai has some delicious fast food in the street, such as the local shawarma and falafel. It will only cost you 10 dirham or so. You can eat in the smaller cafes for about 30 dirhams.

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