Everyone wants a different feel for their wedding. Some want an elegant wedding, and others wish for something casual. Depending on what you are going for, different DJs will be more appealing than others. There is a happy balance of affordable and expensive wedding DJs who cater to different wedding aesthetics in Maine.

Before you hire a wedding DJ, make sure your wedding plans are in place! Have you shopped for all of your wedding jewelry? Take a look at this website: teachjewelry.com. Have you selected your wedding attire? Be sure to head to a bridal shop to get everything taken care of.

Here we break down a list of the top DJs in Maine to make the process easier for you. Let’s get to the music! 

  1. Maine Made Weddings

Maine Made Weddings is an affordable DJ service that provides music for dozens of weddings every year. They are a team of three who work together to serve your wedding and precisely discuss your needs. Together you will create the perfect playlist and find the right vibe to match the needs and wants that you have for your wedding. The benefit of not advertising all over is working closely with couples to create the perfect special day. Best of all? Maine Made Weddings is affordable, leaving you with more room in your budget to splurge on other wedding essentials. 

  1. DJ-BrianC: Best Wedding DJ in Maine 

DJ-BrianC works with you to craft your version of the perfect big day. His DJ services are flexible in their ability to meet you where you are and create a musical experience for you and your wedding guests, no matter how big or small your guestlist is. His strong commitment to refrain from outsourcing wedding entertainment will give you the security you need to know that your wedding is treated as sacredly by him as it is by you and your special love. His Wedding DJ Maine services expand to the New Hampshire area, and his experience has grown since he started in 1992. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced DJ with perfected skills, this is the DJ to pick. We think that this DJ is the BEST for his ability to rock the reception with little help. When you hire this guy, you’re getting all of the attention and detail from one person- leaving you with peace of mind knowing that a large DJ crew will not overlook your requests. 

  1. Ed McCurdy MC/DJ VJED 

Those with a moderate to abundant budget look no further than Ed McCurdy, who offers an uncanny ability to read the room and select music for the respective audience. This DJ has advanced musical knowledge and is known to gravitate towards upbeat music styles. His experience in assisting with other wedding needs such as projecting digital slideshows, announcements, and interacting with the crowd will supply you with so much more than a traditional DJ package. From bluegrass to rock, this DJ has an extensive repertoire of music knowledge and experience that is sure to make your big day as musical as ever. 

Well, there you have it. Make your budget work for you and pick the DJ that gets the vibe and song selections right for you and your big day.

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