You are into fishing , the love of angling has rubbed on your young ones. They too want in on the sport. So you decide to get them a kids fishing pole.

That is the easy part; for the only difference between an adult fishing poles and those for children is their length and weight. Also kids fishing poles have numerous accessories to make them easier to use.

Stringing your kids fishing pole is not as hard as you may think. By following the simple steps below. You will be done in less than ten minutes.

Before you even start the stringing, it’s essential you check the line rating on the fishing pole. This is to ensure the line you have is suitable for the weight range of your kids fishing pole.

Once you have checked and ensured you have the right line, you can begin the process.

  • First you lay down the kids fishing pole on a clean flat surface .The surface should offer you enough room for operation.
  • Next step is opening of the bail. This is the part that moves up and down .You then take the tagged end of the line from the spool, then slowly run it through the guide which is closest to the reel.

Note: Ensure the line moves down smoothly.

  • After the line is in place , make a knot and tie it onto the centre of the spool reel .The knot you tie needs to be firm , experts suggest  that the  arbor knot is most suitable .you then shut the bail on the reel .
  • Place the line on the floor then pick up the pole .You need to put the line on the floor while making sure the top part (one with the sticker) is actually on top. It will allow the string to come off in a counter clockwise manner.
  • Start turning the reel handle while placing light tension on the line. You can achieve this by holding with your fingers or holding it down on the pole .Avoid placing too much pressure on the line while turning the reel .Doing so places your fingers at risk as the line movement produces friction .
  • Load the reel to about 1/6th of an inch from its edge .Using your scissors cut the line. This will separate it from the spools line.
  • Opening your reels bail. Feed the tagged end up the other remaining guides .You can start with the guide that is nearer to the poles handle. This will make the rest of the process easy. Pass the line through the rest of the guides.
  • When the line comes out of the final guide, leave a line allowance of about two to four feet at the end.
  • Once finished all that is remaining is for you tie your preferred bait on the line .On this step you can involve the young ones .For they obviously know how to make knots.

There, you are all done .All that’s remaining is for you and your young anglers to go fishing, and make memories that will last while at it.